Why Visit Serengeti

Why visit Serengeti national park in Tanzania is one of the best places in the world to take a safari to, the serengeti plains are field with various wildlife and scenic views you would love to behold. The word Serengeti is derived fro a local Masai word to mean vast plains there a lot if reasons as to Why visit Serengeti national park, you should visit the magnificent national park and some of which can be seen below:

Witness the Wildebeests Migration

The great wildebeests migration is the largest mammal migration on planet seeing over one million wildebeests and hundreds of zebras traversing to the renowned Masai Mara national park in Kenya. The sights of lions and other predators like crocodiles in the Mara river are beautiful to behold, this is a dream of everyone who wishes to visit serengeti making it a key factor Why visit Serengeti national park.

Wildlife Watching

the second clear reason Why visit Serengeti national park is that Serengeti national park presents a dramatic wildlife experience even with animals moving to the Masai Mara game reserve there are still lots of animals to be seen in the game park including Africa’s big five animals, it’s aid that Serengeti national park had got the highest lion concentration in the world.


For bird enthusiasts visiting Tanzania, Serengeti national park  is oneof the best places to do your birding activity, the park is endowed with over 500 species of birds with some seasons flooded with migratory birds from Europe and north Africa.

Visit the Serengeti visitors Center

The Serengeti visitors centre is one of the places you should include while on a Serengeti tour, the path provides a lot of history about Serengeti the centre has also got a picnic area where you can have a delicious lunch from, there’s also a coffee shop, rest rooms and snacks. The path also has some wildlife on it.

Visit the Masai Villages

One of the reasons you should explore Serengeti national park is to visit the Masai people the ancient inhabitants of the park, they have very unique ways of lives, customs and cultures. You will be welcomed with a traditional dancing ceremony and their lots of things to learn about their culture.

Explore wildlife on foot or a horseback

Serengeti is one of the African parks where you can encounter wildlife while on foot or a horse ride, you can see a lot of small animals like zebras, antelopes, insects, plants and so much more. With more to explore in the seven natural wonders of Africa you will have more reasons Why visit Serengeti national park.

Hot air ballooning

Serengeti national park is one of the parks in East Africa where you can view animals on air, the hot air ballooning is very stunning and you will see nocturnal animals like hyenas and hippopotamus back from hunting. After the flight you will have champagne and an English delicious breakfast enjoy the glipes of the endless plains of Serengeti hence a reason  Why visit Serengeti national park

Olduvai George

For those interested in archeology, you can explore the Olduvai George home to the worlds oldest skull of human ancestors dating up to 20 million years ago, there are also 27 meters long of hominid footprints believed to be over 3.6 million years old.

See the Moru Kopjes

Explore the gigantic rock formations spread in the Serengeti plains , the kopjes are filled with water pools and shades that many animals relax from some of this rocks have interesting long time Masai paintings you can explore including a lot of birds.

Night game drives

Most national parks don’t offer an option of night drives, tourists will be able to see a lot of animals like bush babies, night jars, hyenas, hippopotamus and aardvarks among the rest.

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