Why Visit Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara is stunningly set at the back drop of the great east African rift valley escarpment commanding breath taking views of the lake, the park is named after the lake and was gazetted in 1960. Its characterized by green forests, acacia woodlands, ground water springs and grassy flood plains.

Lake park boasts with high diverse species of plants and animals than the renowned Serengeti national park, its renowned for its tree climbing lions which your mostly not to see any where ESL apart from Queen Elizabeth in Uganda.

Lake Manyara national park was conserved to protect its largest herds of elephants and its said to be having the largest concentration of elephants in Africa. There are also thousands of flamingoes to be seen in the lakes shallow alkaline waters.

Unlike other Savannah national parks lake Manyara offers a different experience, the lake is part of lake Manyara biosphere reserve that was established as part of man and biosphere reserve in 1981. The park is one of Tanzania’s smallest national parks but also one with spectacular views and sceneries.

Lake Manyara national park offered very impressive views of the great rift valley falling to the lakeshores at 509 meters.


Lake Manyara is endowed with various bird species including water fowls and migrants, some of the birds you can see while there are pink flamingoes, crested guinea fowl, crowned eagles, silver cheeked hornbills and many more.


Lake Manyara national parks offers unique wildlife experience, the park is filled with animals such as; elephants, impalas, cheetahs, African wilddogs, giraffes, zebras, lions, buffalos, water bucks, warthogs, klipspringer and hippopotamus. The park can be explored during morning, afternoon and evening time for wildlife watching.

The park also offers night game drives where you will be able to see nocturnal animals.


The park is also known for several troops of baboons than anywhere else in Tanzania and the world as whole, tourists can also spot other primates like the Syke monkeys, Egyptian mongoose, short eared galago and cape clawless otters to mention a few.

Mountain biking

One of the reasons you should visit lake Manyara national park is that you can take mountain biking tours alongside the lake which is not a common activity in most national parks. This is usually done around the surrounding communities at the park, have high cliff view of the park when you at certain position.

Cultural experience

Lake Manyara national park was a grazing ground for the Masai warriors before they were resettled, in fact the name Manyara is derived from a local Masai word to mean a plant species called euphorbia which they use for fencing their homesteads. Visiting the Masai villages should be among your activities at the park, learn peoples ways of lives, cultural values and customs.

The park can be reached with one and half hours from Arusha town and less than an hour from Tarangire national park, the park entrances are two with the north and the southern gate but the most used is the northern gate, the southern gate is not open for everyone. There’s one airstrip at the top of the rift valley wall that connects the park with other domestic airstrips across the country.

The park has both Budget, mid-range and luxury accommodation some located inside the park and others just out side the park but very close, some of the lodges and hotels where to sleep while in lake Manyara include; lake Manyara tree lodge, lake Manyara wildlife lodge, lake Manyara Serena lodge, escarpment luxury lodge, Manyara ranch tented camp, Lemala Manyara camp and Kirurumu Manyara lodge.

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