Top things to do in diani beach

Top things to do in diani beach

Top things to do in diani beach: Dian beach is one of the a major beach on Indian Ocean on the coast of Kenya 30 kilometers south of Mombasa, Diani beach is a stunning beach  and a popular tourist destination with a beach of about 17 kilometers from the Kongo river to the north and Galu beach to the south. The beach consists of white sands, a lush of greenery and striking shade of emerald blue that emerges from its clear warm waters, as a tourist visiting the beach is one thing you should never miss while on your safari in Kenya.

Diani beach offers many amazing activities which you can do and this article highlights 10 things you can do while on your visit at the beach.

  1. Boat trips, Snorkeling and scuba diving

Boat trips, Snorkeling and diving in Diani beach are the best activities on can embark on so as to tour and enjoy the richness and diversity of marine life hosted in Indian ocean and Mombasa Diani beach.  Boat trips take you on a ride on the calm waters of Indian Ocean, on the ride you get to enough the cool breeze of the blue waters and also get to take amazing memorable pictures. Snorkeling and scuba diving are great activities where you get in contact with the waters of the ocean, while diving in the waters you can get an opportunity to meet marine animals like green sea turtle, hawksbill sea turtles, killer whales, Humpback whales and many more.

These activities are offered by diving the crab which also offers scuba diving lessons and sea sport packages, the club also offers guides for snorkeling, scuba lessons, lagoon kayaking and windsurfing activities.

  1. Sky diving

one of the most fascinating and entertaining activity to participate in while at Diana beach is sky diving which attracts millions of people to the beach, sky diving at the beach is offered by Skydiving Diana the only Kenya’s permanent sky diving club. the club is responsible for organizing skydiving expeditions and offers quality jumping gear and qualified guide of the activity, the club annual organizes weekly boogies festivals in every march and November where tourists get to sky diving experience which are every amazing to get involved in. for more amazing and memorable experience the club also offers off-planes package of sky diving where a tourist jumps off the airplane and dives into the sky with the assistance of a guide.

  1. Playing golf

While at Diani beach you can participate in golf matches at Leisure lodge golf club, the lodge sitting on area of 6084 square meters offers a world class golf course ranked among the best golf clubs in east Africa, the course has 85 bunkers, a gig lake and it is dominated by cashewnut, casuarina and pine tress. Playing golf at this lodge is an amazing family treat and also at the golf course you enjoy seeing many birds and monkeys living in the forest galleries at the lodge.

  1. Visiting forty thieves beach bar and bistro

Forty thieves beach bar and bistro is an amazing bar to visit while at Diana beach for unbeatable experience, forty thieves beach bar is situated in one hour’s drive from Mombasa airport and 10 minutes’ drive from Diani airstrip. While at Forty thieves beach bar you get to enjoy live music, play bar games, watch water sports, enjoy delicious lunch. The bar is a perfect place to be at to dance the night away and enjoy soothing music and sports events, Forty thieves beach bar and bistro is a very accessible bar situated close to diving center, 18-hole golf course, Shimba hills Game Park and various shops.

  1. Visiting Diani beach art gallery

Diani beach has a Diani beach art gallery which showcases unique and extraordinary art pieces crafted and made by talented African artists, the gallery is a hub for many beautiful art pieces and its entrance is endowed with spectacular sculptures. Visiting Diani beach art gallery offers you sights of amazing art pieces which you can also buy at a reasonable price, the art gallery is open from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 5 pm on a daily basis.

  1. Touring Kongo mosque

Kongo mosque is an iconic site in Diani Beach, the mosque is both a religious site and a tourist attraction. Kongo mosque is the oldest mosque in east Africa built by the Arab traders in the 14th century, the mosque is one of the few surviving relics depicting the ancient civilization and a reminder of the history of the coastal area history. Up to date Islam believers still gather at the mosque for prayers and worship.

Visiting the Kongo mosque you will encounter the beautiful garden consisting of big baobab trees and from the mosque itself you get to see the Kongo River and the Indian Ocean which is a great and unforgettable sight to see.

  1. Visiting Chale Island

Chale Island is a spectacular island situated in the heart of Msambweni bay 12 kilometers south of Diani beach, the island is a paradise for tourists consisting of white sand beach and many coral reefs. While on your visit to Chale Island you can participate in activities like boat snorkeling, beach snorkeling, kayaking, local catamaran sailing, game fishing and many activities which are offered by Diving crab. Chale Island is not only a tourist destination but also a heed place for the native coastal people who use the island as a place for worship. The island has boutiques which sell items of need for the tourists such as clothing, swim wear and jewellery, there is also a gift shop which sells souvenirs and handmade craft pieces.

  1. Tour fort Jesus

Fort Jesus is one of the oldest tourist attraction in Kenya situated is a few minutes’ drive from Diani beach, fort Jesus is a UNESCO world heritage site built at the end of 16th century between 1593-1596 under the orders of Portuguese king Philip 1 and Spanish king Philip II. Fort Jesus is a unique architectural site situated on the coastline near Old town Mombasa, this fort was built to protect Mombasa town which was used as a transit place for trade from invaders. Fort Jesus is still under good condition and upon your visit you will be blown away by its unique architectural and the great history it hosts.

  1. visit Shimba hills national reserve

Shimba hills national reserve is an amazing national park famous for being a home for the big five, the reserve is situated in a distance of 45 minutes’ drive from Diani beach. Shimba hills national park is a home to animals such as Elephants, Sable Antelope, Genet, Leopard, Civet Cat, Waterbuck, Hyenas, Buffalo, Bush Pig, Bushbuck, White Columbus, and Coastal Black, Bush Duiker, Back faced vervet Monkey, Serval Cat, Sykes Monkey, Red Shrew, Red Duiker and many others. The park is also a bird paradise for over 111 bird species such as African Hawk, Ostrich Eagle, Quail, Sunbird, Crowned, Hornbill, Honey Guide and Uluguru. Reptiles such as Python, Lizard, Cobra, Gecko and many more which are sighted while on your visit in the national reserve.

  1. Relax at the Spas

Diani beach consists of numerous award winning spas awarded for offering relaxing spa and massage experience, these Spas offer additional henna paintings which is a traditional way of enhancing beauty in women among Kenyan women. The most prominent Spa at Diani beach is Uzuri spa Diani which offers services and treatments like anti-ageing, treatments, body wraps, waxing, manicure, pedicure, and hydrotherapy. The spa also offers, a swimming pool, Afya Gym which is well equipped with treadmills, weight and barbells and many more equipments to help you get in shape, outdoor Jacuzzi, steam bath and sauna. Also Uzuri spa Diani has a health bar situated close to the pool offering a variety of healthy juices such as fresh juices, healthy salads, light meals, and smoothies.

How to get to Diani beach

Diani beach is situated in a distance of 9-10 hours from Nairobi and because of the distance the best time to get to the park is by flying from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to Ukunda airstrip, flights from Diani beach to the park are offered by many flight companies.

Where to stay in Diani beach

While on a visit in Diani beach accommodation is got from many accommodation facilities such as Baobab beach resort and spa, Swahili beach resort, Diani reef beach resort and spa, Diani sea resort, Afrika pearl and spa, the sands at Chale Island, waterlovers beach resort, leopard beach resort and Spa, the Maji beach boutique hotel, Diani backpackers and many more.

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