Top Things to do in Serengeti

Top Things to do in Serengeti, Serengeti in Tanzania is where the great annual wildebeests migrations takes place. Over a million wildebeests, zebras, gazelles, their predators lions and leopards parade to the renowned Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya. This is the worlds largest mammal migration.

The name Serengeti is derived from a local Masai word to mean endless plains, the park covers an area of about 14,800 kilometers squared and has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the worlds heritage sites. below are Top Things to do in Serengeti.

Wildlife watching

Serengeti national park provides the best wildlife viewing in the world making it one of the Top Things to do in Serengeti there are numerous animals to be seen its plains including Africa’s big five. There are various options for wildlife viewing you can either use a car or use an hot air balloon for a thrilling experience.

Visit the Retina hippo pool

The magnificent hippo pool harborshundreds of hippopotamuses, though hippos can be found all over Serengeti national park, the best place for viewing them is at the Hippo pool. In the pool are also a good number of crocodiles to be seen.

Watch the great world migration

One of the main tourists attractions in Serengeti national park is the wildebeests migration. Wildebeest migration is the key and Top Things to do in Serengeti. Watching over a million animals moving in herds in the wild with predators on the follow up is one of the best things you should encounter before you die.

Visit Olduvai George

Olduvai George is where the remains of one of the worlds oldest human remains was excavated, the site is found in between the Ngorongoro crater and Serengeti national park. You can walk in the 300 mile long gorge and walk in the same footsteps of the earliest humans in earth. You can also visit Oldupai museum and get a lot of information about Olduvai George.

Visit the people

The Serengeti national park was earlier on dominated the nomadic Masai pastoralists who used to graze on the Serengeti plains, they have very unique ways of live, customs and cultural believes. You can take part of the Masai daily live by join in the grazing cows, milking and so forth for an African typical cultural experience as Top Things to do in Serengeti

Explore the Seronera river

His mighty rover is found in the central part of the Serengeti region, there are also lots of animals to see at the river banks such as; elephants, zebras, gazelles, lions and wildebeests among the rest. The endless valley also offers various accommodation units.

Wander to the Grumeti River

The Grumeti river is found in the western side of the park and is endowed with numerous crocodiles, the great wildebeests migration passes here when moving to Masai Mara and the crocodiles are at standby point waiting for dinner. The experience is so dramatic as you watch them prey.

Explore the Moru Kopjes

The Moru Kopjes are wonderful rock formations the rocks systematically rise up in various parts of the Serengeti plains the commonly spotted animal here is Africa’s black rhino. Some rocks also contain the ancient Masai paintings you would love to explore.

Visit the Bologonja springs

This springs are also one of the best areas with animal concentration in Serengeti, you will be able to see various animals like giraffes, elephants, zebras, wildebeests, lions and some many more.


Serengeti national park also boasts with numerous bird life with over 475 species of bird some of which are migratory birds while other are endemic to this area, one of the best places for bird watching is in the Bologonja springs.

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