Top things to do in Congo

Top things to do in Congo, the democratic republic of Congo is an African country formerly known as Zaire. The capital city of the Congo is Brazzaville located in the northern bank of the Congo River while the other is Kinshasa situated on the Congo River southern bank. Half of the country lies south of the equator and half lies north of the equator line making its climate of high temperatures and humidity. Temperatures range from 21°© to 27°©. The average rainfall is 1100 millimeters annually. Just like other African countries Congo has got a lot of Top things to do in Congo to offers some of the things to do while in Congo can be seen below.

Track gorillas in Nouabale Ndoki national park, Virunga National Park & Kahuzi Biega National Park

This is located in the northern corner of Congo, though its remote it’s been referred by national geographic as the last Eden due to its diverse bio diversity. Tourists can trek the great low land gorillas, trek chimpanzees and go in game drives. Its also been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Gorilla trekking is one of the Top things to do in Congo with both lowland and mountain Gorillas found in the country.

Hike Mount Nyirangongo

Mount Nyirangongo is the only active volcano in Congo, trekking this mountain is a unique activity among Top things to do in Congo. This is part of the volcanic ranges streaming from Rwanda and Uganda, its boasting with the largest larva lake in the world and it’s found near Goma town.

Serpents du Congo

This is the nest place for seeing reptiles in the country owned by a snake lover known as Frank who will teach you some of the advantages of conservation and show you around different types of snakes in his farm.

Musee National de Kinshasha

This is one of  ethnographic museum with over 45, 000 objects of the historic Congo and has got lot note information about the country.

Led rapides

This is a populated weekend get away for most local and international tourists, this is where you can observe nature at its best as the Congo river is at its climax forming magnificent falls you can observe in a garden with a sun downer.

Ride in “La gazelle”

La gazelle is an air conditioned train that operates in Brazzaville and pointe Noire most days if the week, the rail way passes in some of the most scenic views of Congo making it one of the dramatic ways to explore the country other than flying. During the construction of this rail way line about 17,000 Congolese died.

Visit Virunga National Park

This is Africa’s oldest national park and home to the endangered mountain gorillas.

Explore the Loufoulakari falls

The panoramic waterfalls are very impressive to behold, take some photos for remembrance and chill at the back drop of the roaring falls.

Visit point Noire

Point Noire is a sea side town where tourists can relax at the sea banks away from all the city noise and enjoy a sun downer with magnificent sun sets.

Visit Linzolo

Linzolo is home to the world’s health organization regional seat, the first church in Congo was also built here by French priest in 1882.

Visit Diosso and Loango

The famous loango was a slave port during the time of slave trade and about 20 kilometers from point Noire, learn about the towns history on slave trade then explore the stunning Diosso with spectacular cliffs formed out of sea and wind erosion. Visit the historical monument of Laurent Kabila.

Visit the Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary

This is the best place for seeing the endangered orphaned bonobo species. The monument was built by Korean people with a shape of Kean jong II. While visiting Congo ensure to pack rain jacket, insect repellents, sun screens, cotton clothing, camera and good shoes. The main form of transport is air transport due to thick impenetrable forests that have made construction of roads hard, Congo airlines operate between the countries cities at pocket friendly rates.

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