Tips for Wildlife Viewing in Uganda

Wildlife Viewing in Uganda, Uganda is renowned to be a primate country, its locates in east Africa boasting with abundant wildlife with each national park or game reserve having same things to offer or their own unique experiences. The park you would love to visit will mostly depend on your passion for something unique that’s found there.

To have greater view of Wildlife Viewing in Uganda, ensure you go for a game drive in the early morning or evening hours, in Africa animals stay under trees during noon time because the sun can be very hot for them to move up and down.

The tree climbing lions

Queen Elizabeth national park is the only place in Uganda where you can encounter the famous tree climbing lions of the Ishasha sector. The tree climbing lions can only be found in Lake Manyara Park in Tanzania and no where else in the world, you might have seen lions elsewhere but these are tree climbing lions in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth national park inhabits more wildlife game making Wildlife Viewing in Uganda the best with over 20 species of animals.

Gorilla trekking

Uganda has got half of the worlds mountain gorillas and is one of the few countries with mountain gorillas on the world.


Murchison falls national park is known for harboring the highest concentration of mammals other than the famous queen Elizabeth national park and it also boasts with a giraffes that can’t e found in Queen Elizabeth. On top of wildlife, it has the worlds strongest water falls and its bisected by the worlds longest river that has its source in Uganda.

Zebras and elands

If you’re a zebra and eland lover then you should visit no other parks except Kidepo valley national park and Lake Mburo national park.


Cheetahs cannot be found in any other national park in Uganda except the pride of Karamoja. Kidepo valley national park, the park also boasts with a number of other animals like kudus, bat eared foxes and ostriches the worlds largest bird that can’t be found in any other park in the country except Pain Upe wildlife reserve.

Chimpanzee trekking

Tourists interested in chimpanzee trekking have various destinations to choose this are Kyambura George in Queen Elizabeth, Budongo forest near Murchison falls, Kibale forest national park, Kalinzu forest and Toro semiliki game reserve.

Golden monkey trekking

For those interested in golden monkey trekking they can combine their safari with gorilla trekking at the renowned mount Mgahinga national park.

Note that its always advisable to keep a distance off the wild animals as they can be very dangerous and eat you up, remember to listen to your tour guides instructions.

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