Tailor Made Zanzibar Trips

Tired of scheduled trips and want to try out tailor made Zanzibar trips? Zanzibar commonly known as Spice Island is consist of  Zanzibar and Pemba Islands found in the Indian Ocean, it lies approximately 25 miles from the main land Tanzania. Zanzibar safaris are very fun.

The Island has the most beautiful fresh, famous Stone Town where slave trade was at its climax and sandy beaches. The town is well known for the art and designed they use for building the town by the Arabs during slave trade error. You will see all these during your tailor made Zanzibar trips.

Zanzibar is not only well known for its beautiful beaches but rich with culture, history, plantations and the forest which harbors the great endangered primates in the whole of East Africa. When planning your tailor made Zanzibar trips, endeavor to request for most of these destinations and we shall add them to your package.

The island is the tourist center for people who need to have a peace of mind, relax, refresh or have their best honeymoon experience on Earth.

The island’s beauty is divided in two that is the East Coast where divers and Snorkelers enjoy life most swimming alongside fish like Starfish, minnows and others, play along the shores with waves of the coral reefs. Zanzibar has the best beaches not only in East Africa but also in the world. This is evident when you go on tailor made Zanzibar trips.

On the western side is the Stone Town dominating the Zanzibar Island, the Mangapwani beaches where one can visit the slave caves at Bububu. This part of Zanzibar carries a lot of history. We often include it in your tailor made Zanzibar trips.

With our tailor made Zanzibar trips itineraries, most times we combine the main land of Tanzania with refreshing concluding relaxing safari of Zanzibar visiting areas like the Prison, Snake Islands, Chole Island Marine Park, Grave, and Snake Islands among others.

A non miss-able place to visit in Zanzibar during your tailor made Zanzibar trips is Menai Bay Conservation Area, where you will see more and more a sea turtles species breeding in the island. We can have brief stopover at Jozani Forest to see some rare endangered Red Columbus monkey and other primates in the forest both nocturnal and Diurnal animals.

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