Southern Safari circuit

Southern Safari circuit

Southern safari circuit of Tanzania is situated near the southern boundaries of Tanzania close to Dar es Salaam city, this circuit is situated in an enormous, untouched, and remote region filled a variety of wildlife. Southern safari circuit offers a remote safari adventure through national parks situated in this circuit that is Ruaha national park, Selous game reserve,miki and Udzungwa mountains national park which habit many wildlife.


Ruaha national park

Ruaha national park is a fascination national park established in 1964, this park covers an area of 20,226 square kilometers and situated near Iringa city in southern safari circuit. Ruaha national park is the largest protected area in Tanzania and derives its name from great river Ruaha which drains through the park. Ruaha national park is a habitant to many animals that is lion, elephants, buffalo, cape buffalo, Wild dog, Elephant, Lion, Lesser kudu, Greater kudu, Roan antelope, Sable antelope, Cheetah, Leopard, Spotted hyena, Grant’s gazelle, Defassa waterbuck, Impala, Zebra, Giraffe, Hartebeest, Eland, Jackal, Crocodile, Hippo and many more. Ruaha national park is famous for hosting the largest population of the greater kadu in east Africa, the park is also a habitant to many bird species such as crested barbet, Dickinson’s kestrel, Pale-billed hornbill, Violet-crested turaco, Racket-tailed roller, Plovers, Kingfishers, Hornbills, Green-wood hoopoes, Sunbirds, Bee-eaters and Egrets and many more.

 Ruaha national park offers safari activities like sport fishing, game drives, cultural visits, bush walks and boating expeditions.

 Selous game reserve

Selous game reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage site of 54,600 square kilometers situated in southern Tanzania that is in the southern safari circuit, Selous game reserve is ranked among the largest protected area in Africa habiting a high concentration of wildlife that is elephant, black rhinoceros, cheetah, giraffe, hippopotamus and crocodile and many more which thrive in miombo woodlands, open grassland, riverine forests and swamps which dominate the landscapes of the park. Other animals in Selous game reserve include zebras, hyena, warthog, wildebeest, impala, giraffe, greater kadu, waterbuck, bushbuck, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, white rhino, eland and many more.

Apart from wildlife, Selous game reserve has many attractions such as a variety of bird species estimated to be over 350 species such as Spur-winged lapwing, African wattled lapwing, White-fronted bee-eater, Pel’s fishing owl Rare, African spoonbill, Common White-headed vulture, mosque swallow, the brown-breasted barbet, purple-banded sunbird, Mangrove kingfishers, Von der Decken’s hornbill, African skimmers, a pearl-spotted owl, palm-nut vulture, Layard’s black-headed weavers, freckled nightjars, grey Penduline-tit, grey-hooded kingfisher, red-throated twin spot, waders, wattle-eyed flycatchers, broad-billed roller and many more.

In the park’s landscape there is Lake Mwanza and impala which are habitant to hippopotamuses and crocodiles, serous game reserve offers entertaining safari activities like game drive, bush walks, boating and birding watching.

Mikumi national park

Mikumi national park is a spectacular tourist destination situated near Morogoro covering an area of 3,230, the park is the fourth largest national park in Tanzania covering an area 3,230 square kilometers and bordering Selous game reserve on the south. Mikumi national park is a habitant to four of the big five animals that is lion, elephant, buffalo, and rhino, there is also other animals that is cheetah, able antelope and kudu, zebra, giraffes, wildebeest, impala and many more which are seen in the open horizons of the park.

 Mikumi national park consists of many other attractions apart from wildlife that is kinole waterfall, Bondwa peak, choma waterfalls and many more which are easily spotted while in the plains of mikumi national park.

 Mikumi national park offers amazing safari activities that is game drive, birdwatching, picnic, camping and guided nature walks which you can engage in for a best safari experience.

 Udzungwa Mountains National Park

Udzungwa Mountains National Park also known as The Galapagos of Africa is one of the most scenic national park in the southern safari circuit situated in the southern region of Tanzania near mikumi city, this park covering an area of 1990 square kilometers is part of the eastern Arc Mountains that extend from the Taita hills in Kenya to pare, Usambara, Nguru, Ukaguru, Uluguru, Rubeho and Udzungwa Mountains.

 Udzungwa Mountains National Park’s landscape is generally mountainous dominated by tropical rainforest, mountain forest, miombo woodland and grassland vegetation, the park consists of many attractions which are encountered upon your visit to the park and these include Sanje waterfalls standing at altitude of 170 meters with a plunge pool, 6 primate species with 5 of them endemic to the park that is Iringa red colobus and Sanje crested mangabey. The park is covered with over 2500 plant species and 400 bird species such as African Marabou, Crowned Eagle, Ruuml;pell’s Vulture and the African Hobby with Francolin and Rufous-winged Sunbird and many more.

Udzungwa Mountains National Park also consists of Magombereka Cave, Bokela, Mwanaruvele Cave, Ndundulu, and Nyumbanitu Mountains and the main highlights of this park is hiking and trekking.

What makes southern safari circuit interesting?

Southern safari circuit consists of beautiful aspects which make it interesting and a top choice on list to visit while on a safari in Tanzania as listed below

  • Southern safari circuit offers safari activities like fly-camping, boating which are not available in the northern safari circuit.
  • Southern safari circuit is dominated by untouched landscape which is an attraction of its own spectacular to watch as it is filled with a variety of wildlife.
  • Southern safari circuit is the best place to see the endangered African wild dogs
  • Southern safari circuit consists of many beautiful and comfortable accommodation facilities which are relatively cheap, accommodation facilities in this circuit include Alizet hostel, Iringi sunset hotel, mount royal villa hotel, Zakinn and many more in Ruaha national park , Selous kinga lodge, Selous Serena camp, Selous mapumziko, sable mountain lodge and many more in Selous national park and mikumi adventure, camp Bastian mikumi, mikumi wildlife camp, Tan Swiss lodge and many more in Mikumi national park. In Udzungwa Mountains National Park accommodation is got from Udzungwa falls lodge, Udzungwa forest tented camp, Hondo Hondo Udzungwa forest and many more.
  • Southern safari circuit is situated in a very accessible location that is near Dar es Salaam city with numerous direct and indirect international flights and transfers to other destinations like Zanzibar.
  • While in southern safari circuit it is very possible to drive in an open sided vehicles which offer more uninterrupted view of the park and its beauty including wildlife.
  • Southern safari circuit is perfect for bush and beach vacation as it is situated near the coastal circuit.
  • Southern safari circuit is more quit than the northern safari circuit

Best time to visit northern safari circuit for a safari

As a tourist on a safari in southern circuit for a safari the best time to visit for an amazing safari experience is in the period of June to October, the period of June to October is generally dry season thus making it a perfect time for wildlife watching. Also in this period the vegetation cover in national parks of southern safari circuit that is Ruaha national park Selous game reserve and Mikumi national park is short which makes wildlife viewing easy and routes used while on game drives are also dry and easy too navigate through.

How to get to the southern safari circuit

Dar es Salaam is the main entry point to the southern safari circuit of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam is a major city and commercial city in Tanzania with Julius Nyerere international Airport which serves tourists on a safari to the southern safari circuit. Julius Nyerere international Airport serves both international flights to Dar es Salaam and domestic flights using light aircraft to airstrips in southern safari circuit that is Msembe Airstrip, Kikoboga Airstrip and Mtemere Airstrip. There is many airlines offering flight to Julius Nyerere International airport from countries like United States, United Kingdom, Asia, Europe and Austria and these include Swiss international Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airline, Air Uganda and many more. Southern circuit parks are not accessible by road that is why you need to book a domestic flight as early as possible to avoid delays on your safari.

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