Why are Mountain Gorillas Endangered

Mountain gorillas can only be found in three African countries in the world, this country is Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic republic of Congo. Some African counties boast with a lot to showcase while this country have got this unique great apes that will make you safari encounter in Africa complete.

The mountains gorillas are critically endangered due to many reasons so it’s advisable for you to visit this country before they are pronounced extinct though it may not happen in the nearby future, below are some of the reasons why mountain gorillas are endangered.

There are two species of gorillas the low land gorillas living in low land forests and mountain gorillas living over 10000 feet on the volcanoes mountain slopes.

Though gorillas are powerful and most likely one of the feared animals, they are nice to be around they are also affectionate and calm. Humans and gorillas share some things in common one interesting thing about gorillas is that they are very playful and beautiful to behold them in their natural habitat.

Habitat loss

The demand of commercial activities such as farming, mining and agricultural have led to loss of mountain gorilla habitats as mountain gorillas feed on vegetation and build nests on trees where they can sleep. The cutting down of trees for commercial use has left many gorillas with no homes and no food to eat.

Clearing of roads

The making of roads in densely populated forests leading to deforestation has led to gorillas being endangered, this is because it has become easy for poachers to access the mountain gorillas unlike in the earlier days when they had to clear the thick bushes all by themselves which was about hard and tiresome.


The need for game meat and earn more income has made some of the locals hunt for gorillas, poaching is the main threat to non habituated gorilla families who are not protected, the mountain gorillas that are habituated are less than 20 percent making the 80 percent exposed to poachers.

Exotic pets

Some people capture gorillas and keep them alive in order to sell to foreigners who are interested in keeping pets. It’s also very unfortunate that most gorillas are victims for traps being set for other animals this result to them having severe injuries or sometimes even die.


The political status of a country can result to gorillas being endangered, countries like Congo have got unstable political wars, during the wars most gorillas are endangered as they can be accidentally killed or sometimes people flood the gorilla habitats living them with no safe place to stay in.


Gorillas are like humans that suffer from disease outbreaks, the most threatening is the Ebola virus that has killed many mountain gorillas, in 2003 one third of mountain gorillas was killed by Ebola virus. There are also other diseases that affect mountain gorillas such as; intestinal parasites, hepatitis A, tuberculosis and polio. Gorillas can get infected with some diseases from humans so the more habitat loss the more they come to close contact with humans hence higher risks of contradicting diseases.

Before the good work of the late American primatologist Dian Fossey, gorillas were becoming extinct in the world. Thank God for her good work or else mountain gorillas would have been wiped out by now. The work of Dian Fossey and conservationists have led to the increase of gorillas compared to the 90s.

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