Mfagano island camp

Mfagano island camp

Mfagano island camp is a luxury accommodation facility, an island hideaway lodge situated on the western shoreline of Mfagano Island, Mfagano island is one of the beautiful islands of lake Victoria in Kenya

Mfagano island is a perfect accommodation for you to stay while on your safari in Ruma national park.

Accommodation offered at Mfagano island camp

Mfagano island camp is known for offering comfortable accommodation to visitors through nine double – bedded cottages including a family cottage, the cottages lies along the shores of Lake Victoria thus offering you a tropical vibe right through the widows of your room.  Each room was built in a local Luo trial style using banana thatch and natural clay, these rooms are lights and well ventilated and consists of four-poster beds. Each room consists of has its own private veranda with sun beds  for visitors who want to enjoy the sunlight while relaxing and also they are en-suite with private bathrooms, the bathrooms consists of showers with cold and hot running water, flushing toilets and equipped with Cinnabar green toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap and body lotion.



Mfagano island camp’s restaurant serves a 3 course meal plan with a continental and full English breakfast, lunch set with a menu consisting of fleshly caught fish from Lake Victoria and dinner. Lunch and breakfast at Mfagano island camp are served under ancient fig trees overlooking the magnificent lake and dinner is served in the main dining room, the camp also offers special diets on request.


Mfagano island camp’s bar is fully stocked with both international and local brands with alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, after a long day f touring you can chill and enjoy a sip of a cold beer or glass of wine.

Swimming pool

Mfagano island camp has a spacious swimming pool available for visitors staying at the camp to take a swim


Free access internet is available at the camp

Credit card access

Credit card access is available and accepted at Mfagano island camp


Mfagano island camp has 24/7 power with a back-up generator lighting the rooms and used for charging of electronics like phones and cameras

Laundry services

Laundry services are available to all visitors of the camp and are offered no extra cost

Room service

Room service is offered at Mfagano island camp to visitors upon request, also Tea and coffee is served in the rooms with morning wake up call.

Activities offered by Mfagano island camp

Cultural walks

Mfagano island camp offers cultural walks to the Luo local people, the Luo people live in villages dotted around the shores of Lake Victoria and these people do fishing as the main occupation for living. on cultural walk you will encounter and be delighted by sights of the local people fishing using local methods on small boats and selling various fish types such as Nile perch, tilapia and others.


Mfagano island camp offers fishing expedition to the waters of Lake Victoria, the camp has a number of boats which are used for the experience and equipped for trawling of Nile perch. On this expedition you head into the waters of Lake Victoria casting your trawls t catch tilapia and Nile perch which is the delight of the safari.

Birding watching safaris

Mfagano island camp offers bird watching safaris to  around lake Victoria which hosts over 350 different bird species, this safari is a spectacular experience done both on foot and by boat and you get to spot colorful birds such as majestic fish eagles, kingfishers, bee-eaters, weavers, swallows and many more.

Visit to rock art

Mfagano Island is a home to two ancient rock art sites situated in Mawanga cave and asset of cave paintings at the top of the mountain at Kwitone site which are larger and more impressive. These rock art can be visited on a safari experience organized by Mfagano island camp , the geometric painting are said to have originally been painted by the Batwa about a thousand years ago but the most interesting aspect is that they were used by the local Suba people for rain making.           


Mfagano island camp is accessed by both road and air means of transport, by road means of transport it is a drive of 6 hours from Nairobi to Mbita on Lake Victoria and from Mbita you get a boat to the island and the hotel can arrange it for you.

By air, Mfagano island camp is accessed by both chartered and scheduled flights. Chartered flights are available from Nairobi and Masai Mara to Rusinga Island and from the island you get a boat cruise and transfer to the camp.

Scheduled flights are offered from Wilson airport landing at Homa Bay Airport, departure flights leave at 06:30 land at 07:0 and return flights are at 07:30 back to Wilson airport. From Homa bay Airport it is an hour’s transfer to Mbita on Lake Victoria by road, at Mbita you will get a boat and transfer to the camp taking approximately 40 minutes of sailing.


  • Operating season of Mfagano island camp

Mfagano island camp operates throughout the year except the months of April and May, peak season of the camp is in the period of August and September and 15th -31st of December. High season is in the months of January, February, March, June, July, October, November and 1st – 14 December.

  • Rate inclusions

Rates payable at Mfagano island camp includes accommodation, meals, activities and laundry services.

  • Rate exclusions

Rates payable at Mfagano island camp excludes flights, boat transfers, drinks and personal expenses

  • credit cards and cash

payments using cards and cash are accepted at Mfagano island camp, Visa and MasterCard are accepted, Us dollar bills older than year 2000 are not accepted at the camp.

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