How to get around Zanzibar island

How to get around Zanzibar island

How to get around Zanzibar island : Zanzibar Island is a holiday destination which is located on the coast of Tanzania. There are different ways you can move around Zanzibar during a holiday on the island. These include driving, using a boat, cycling and also walking. When coming to or from the Zanzibar island, you can fly via the Abeid Amani Karume international airport.

When exploring the island as an individual, you can choose from the various forms of transportation available on Zanzibar island according to your preference and budget for the holiday. Those traveling in groups may be limited to a specific form of transportation as they get to visit different places on Zanzibar island.

Budget travel in Tanzania is also a possibility and when traveling on a budget, you can access different locations on the island using dala dalas which charge a favorable amount as transport fare.

The island can be visited at any time of the year and the best time to go to the island is during the months of June, July, August and September.

Flying to Zanzibar island

Zanzibar island can also be accessed by flight. These flights can be organized by an individual or booked as part of a travel package to the island.

The different accommodations on the island also offer pick up from the airport in Zanzibar which is known as Abeid Amani Karume international airport. International flights to different destinations can also be got from the airport. Hotels around Stone town are also located a short drive from the airport.

Daily flights are also available to the different destinations of Tanzania to Zanzibar island including Serengeti national park, Dar es Salaam, Arusha and other destinations. You can also combine a wildlife safari from national parks around Tanzania with a holiday on Zanzibar island.

Zanzibar Island
How to get around Zanzibar island

Different airlines offer flights to the island which is a popular holiday destination in Tanzania.

Biking or cycling around Zanzibar island

You can also choose to move around the island by biking and these bikes can be hired from the local tour operators on the island. The flat terrain of the island makes it easy to carry out biking and also experience the different sites, culture and history of the island from your bike.

During a biking experience around the island you can explore the different parts of the island such as the northern part of the island, the south eastern coast among other locations and enjoy a sea side view, visit the local communities.

Biking around Zanzibar island also allows you to explore other paths on the island which may not be accessible by driving or by boat. These biking excursions can take about 3 or more hours depending on the sites you will visit while on the island.

The activity can also be done individually or in the company of a local guide depending on one’s preference.

Boat rides on Zanzibar island

You can also engage in boat rides during a holiday on the island as you visit different sites on the island.

From the boat you can enjoy adventures like seeing dolphins swimming close to your boat, enjoying the beautiful views of the Indian ocean and white sand beaches of Zanzibar island and also taking in the fresh air.

The traditional dhows are a form of transportation that is used when getting to various sites around Zanzibar using a boat. The dhows are made by the locals in towns such as in Nungwi where local materials are used to build the boats.

In the old times, dhows were also used for transporting various items like spices across the East African coast such as during the Indian ocean trade when the dhows would stop at various ports and goods were traded. The movement of the dhows followed the direction of the monsoon winds. The traders also used the dhows to move from one destination to another and also to carry passengers across the Indian ocean.

Today, divers and fishermen on the island use these dhows to get to various sites and tourists during their boat rides also use dhows.  Taking a boat ride in a traditional dhow is a way of experiencing the beautiful culture of Zanzibar and its people.

It is safe to take a ride in the traditional dhows which are managed by experienced divers and also safety of the passengers is a top priority during the experience. The people who operate the boats are also very knowledgeable about the change in the tide and the best time for taking a boat ride on the Indian ocean.

When getting to Zanzibar from the mainland, you can also get a ferry from Dar es Salaam. The transfer from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar can take about one hour and a half or 2 hours by ferry. Different companies also offer these ferry rides to the island.

Boat Rides on Zanzibar Island
How to get around Zanzibar island

Foreigners are charged differently from the Tanzanians during the ferry ride which are an affordable means of transport during a safari to Zanzibar island especially for travelers on a budget.

Walking around Zanzibar island

Another way to experience the beauty of the island is by taking a walk around the island. This provides a much closer way to explore the different sites of Zanzibar.

You can also take a beach walk on the white sand beaches of Zanzibar as you take in the fresh air and enjoy views of the Indian ocean, take photos and enjoy a holiday on the island. These walks can also be done in towns of the island such as Stone town where you can enjoy a walk around the winding alleyways and also seeing the different ancient buildings in the town and also experience the day to day life of the locals on the island.

Walking tours are also organized for tourists as they visit Zanzibar island and this helps you to get to know the island even better in the company of a local guide. Zanzibar is safe for travel even for solo travelers.

Visit the island and enjoy a relaxing holiday and engaging in various activities as you explore the island and its different sites.

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