Family Travel – Safaris in Uganda

Uganda has got a lot of convenient places where you can take you family and have good fun you won’t forget in a lifetime. Though there are many places to go out with your family, you might not like the burden of carrying kids for long journeys but there are places near the city that can go to and have some bit of fun and this places are educational to the kids. The other places up country can also be explored if your family is adventurous. Below are some of the places you can go and tour with your family.


Renowned as East Africa’s adventurous city, jinja is one of the coolest places to go for a holiday with your family. For residents they will surely appreciate the fact that you brought them to see what they teach in their social studies at school, Jinja is a historical  as well as industrial town with also a lot of tourists activities to be done some of which can be seen below

White water rafting

The white water rafting experience gives the family unforgettable memory, this does not require any various experiences in rafting and the safety gadgets will also be on so you can be assured to have fun and not expect any problem.

Bungee jumping

Kids are always excited about everything more so teenagers, going for bungee jumping is fun jumping off a 40m high platform to the source of the Nile, knowing the source of the worlds longest river I’d also profitable to the kids..

Quad biking

Quad biking will also be fun in jinja as you go about riding besides the majestic Nile and sugar cane plantations and meet a lot of villages doing their own daily cores.

Nature walks

Nature walks can also be done at the stunning Mabira forest and you will come across a lot of birds, butterflies and also some primates this will excite the kids a lot.

Uganda wildlife education center

The Uganda wildlife education center found in Entebbe is the best place to take kids to see some of the animals they have always seen on their text books or on television, at the Uganda wildlife education center they will be able to see lions, leopards, big snakes, hyenas, elands, rhinos, birds, chimpanzees, monkeys zebras and many more children can also enjoy feeding the giraffe using their own hands which is so exciting.

There is also a children’s lay ground where they can get involved in kids games plus many more there is also accommodation at the zoo and restaurants preparing mouth watering foods.


Garuga has been built to suit family travelers including swimming pools for adults and children and you family can enjoy games like beach soccer and volley ball, horse riding, fishing and many more. There are also houses that will cater for the while family including the master bedroom, kids room and so forth all this are comfortable and self contained.

Gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking is one of the activities you can do with your family, however the children must be of 15 years and above to be allowed to trek mountain gorillas if they are below that age then you will have to opt for another activity.

Game viewing

There a lot of places to go to and have game drives in different national parks, the choice is for the tourists to chooses the interests of the children and they animals they mostly like and you can identify a park acquainted with that particular animal.

Boat cruises

Boat cruises in Uganda can be done in the Nile river in jinja, the famous Kazinga channel streamlined with wildlife in Queen Elizabeth national park or a ferry ride to the worlds strongest waterfall in Murchison falls national park. Alternatively, you can also take boat rides within lake Victoria to the famous Ssese islands.

To make your travel safari more flexible, you will need to book accommodations that offer family services including rents kids equipment’s this will help you to lighten your language.  You can rent things like kids car seats, playpens, bikes, strollers and many more.

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