Facts about Mountain Gorillas

Facts about Mountain Gorillas are found in three countries all over the world including Rwanda, Congo and Uganda. Mountain Gorillas are endangered species sharing 98% DNA with human beings. Mountain Gorillas are wild apes that inhabit Virunga National Park in Congo and Volcanoes National Park in the part of Rwanda. In Uganda they inhabit in Bwindi Impenetrable National park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Below are a number of facts about Mountain Gorillas.

Mountain Gorilla Facts

Facts about Mountain Gorillas is that A silver back is the leader of a Gorilla group, and in charge of the females, offspring’s, black backs leading them in their day to day life. The hair of a silverback is grayish in color as it ages

Mountain Gorillas share 98% DNA with the human race.

Another Facts about Mountain Gorillas: Mountain Gorillas inhabit the rain forests of Africa living in a group of 30 members which includes children, females and males.

Mountain Gorillas are giant and shy wild animals who never attack in case you look into their eyes but rather take charge in case their threatened, they will beat their chest  and roar.

Female Gorillas produce at the age of 10 years they carry a number of 1 to 2 babies I their womb,they go through a gestation period of 8 months bearing 2 to 6 off springs in a life time. Facts about Mountain Gorillas,  silverback will fight to death in order to protect his young ones and the rest of the family as well as the mother of the offspring’s.

Gorillas live in the nests which they build during day for night use; they build them on trees the ground nests are built using branches and leaves.

Mountain Gorillas have nose print, fingers prints these are used to identify each member of their family.

Mountain Gorillas are endangered species living in a group called a Troup.

They feed on mainly herbivores, mostly on Bamboo forest, fruits, plants they will feed to about 30kg a day.

Mountain Gorillas are very intelligent mammals they communicate with sounds Facts about Mountain Gorillas.

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