Dodoma City

Dodoma is one of the administrative regions in Tanzania which is located in the centre of Tanzania (heartland). Dodoma now is one among five cities though Dodoma approved to be a city in 2018 by The President of the United Republic of Tanzania Hon John Pombe Magufuli.

Dodoma is the capital city of Tanzania and almost all ministries and some government authorities have shifted from Dar es Salaam to this heartland city which is found at the centre of the nation. 

Dodoma also is where the national assembly that all members of parliament meet to discuss national issues and also the cabinet meets in Dodoma. Despite being a centre of all political issues in Tanzania, Dodoma also is a beautiful city with attractive scenery and has a lot of areas to visit like vine plantations and the wine making industry.

Historically Dodoma was a place where slaves and slave masters took a stopover before continuing their journey to Dar es Salaam and other coastal areas because it was an overland caravan route of transporting slaves from Lake Tanganyika parts to coastal parts of the late Tanganyika (currently Tanzania). Earlier in the 1990s, the city was a point of central line railway that served to transport crops from the western part of Tanzania via the central railway to Dar es Salaam harbour.

According to the population census of 2012, Dodoma had 2,083,588 that contained in all districts of Dodoma city but recently the population number will be higher due to the high birth rate than mortality rate in this city. Districts in Dodoma city include Bahi, Dodoma Urban, Dodoma Rural Council, Chamwino, Kongwa, Kondoa, Mpwapwa and Kongwa.

Transportation in Dodoma 

In this city, people travel using the railway, roads and air. All these ways serve people to move from Dodoma to other parts of Tanzania and vice-versa.

Road Transport: Dodoma connects a lot of regions in Tanzania, so residents access to a different part of Tanzania by using roads that main hub is Dodoma. Dodoma is very close to Iringa, Morogoro, Singida and Manyara. Transport within the city people use public buses and “Daladala” (min-buses which used mostly in urban areas).  Also “Bajaji”(Tuk-tuk) and “bodaboda” (motorcycle) and tax transport people around town areas quickly.

Railway transport: Central railway has passed from Kigoma to Dar es Salaam via Dodoma city thus people of Dodoma. Recently there are two kinds of trains used to transport people which are ordinary trains that have been used for a while now. Another type of train is the express train that uses only a few stops compared to the ordinary ones that have many stations to stop 

Air Transport: Dodoma is used as the spoke to transport people to different international airports like Kilimanjaro International Airport, Julius Nyerere International Airport, and Songwe International Airport, not only that but also the regional airport of Dodoma is the one that precision air and other flights land at the city’s airport.

Culture: The indigenous tribe is Gogo, Rangi and Sandawe currently there are many tribes in Dodoma that counts more than 120 tribes by which are distributed in a different area of Dodoma. All have their own way of presenting their culture by using art and cultural dances.

Accommodation: Accommodation in Dodoma city is adequate due to the presence of big hotels, high-quality lodges as well as guesthouses that serve people of this city. Hotels include new Dodoma hotel and Royal village hotel all these are high standardised hotels where most of the clients are members of parliament and tourists.

Tourism activity in the city: Dodoma is not that much advanced in tourism sector though there is a lot of potential to do tourism activities in the city. The city has got the potential of city tours whereby visitors will opt to either do biking or use buses as well as tuk-tuk.

Also cultural tours may be organised in the city to experience how local people live. Some areas of this city have got cultural tourism enterprises such as Kondoa. There is one cultural tourism enterprise known as Kondoa- Irangi cultural tourism enterprise. The city has more than 120 different tribes which give another opportunity to the city to organise cultural tours with varieties.

Visitors also may have a chance to visit the vine plantations (Agro-tourism) in Dodoma where they will learn a lot about this plantation and how their products (grapes) are used in different ways like fruits and for making wine. Dodoma is the region where local wine from Tanzania is produced and this kind of wine is known as DOMPO so the wine-making industry can be one of the attractions in Tanzania‘s Dodoma to attract tourists so that they can visit this industry and learn processes of making wine if they wish to taste a flavour of it will be good.

People in Dodoma city have got a chance to get all social services ranging from basic services and extra services. The basic ones include hospitals, education, water, security among others. Education services are provided from the kindergarten level to the university level in the city. Speaking of universal education there are two universities in Dodoma city which are the University of Dodoma (UDOM) and Saint Joseph University.

Health services in the city are widely available around all areas of Dodoma city and people are treated by using health insurance and cash payment. National hospital for mental illness is found at Dodoma and it is called Milembe hospital not only that but also Aga khan hospital and Dodoma regional referral hospital and many others either public or private are available to ensure health services provision is adequate. 

Central police station and many other small police stations are available in the city to ensure the safety and security of both indigenous people and visitors who visit Dodoma city for different purposes. With respect to safety issues, Dodoma city has got traffic police and traffic lights that function very well to regulate transport issues in the city. 

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