Cultural Safaris in Uganda

Cultural Safaris in Uganda, Uganda is a country with many diverse ethnic groups with their own unique cultural believes and customs. Visiting any of the Ugandan tribes will give you a feel of being an African.

It’s said that if you picked two Ugandan’s in a crowded place each would be belonging to different cultural groups below are some of the stunning cultural experiences you can encounter while doing Cultural Safaris in Uganda.

The over 40 plus diverse tribes in Uganda offer diverse cultures the three distinctive linguistic groups are the central Sudanese people, Nilotics and the Bantu people.

The Buganda people

The Buganda people are a tribe that stay at the shores of lake Victoria in central Uganda, there is a lot to learn about the history of the Buganda kingdom including visiting the royal Kasubi tombs . This is a burial place for the kings if Buganda kingdom UNESCO also recognized it as one of the worlds cultural heritage sites typically built in African architecture. Cultural Safaris in Uganda especially for the Banganda culture is more oof the city tour in Kampala.

Other places sacred to the Buganda people are the Kabaka’s palace in Mengo, Wamala tombs and Naggalabi in Buddo which is the place for coronation of the Buganda kings for a thrilling traditional dance performance you can visit the Ndere troupe center and sink in African music, dance and drama performances.

You can also be trained on how to dance a particular dance of a certain tribe, cook their traditional food, and acquire traditional clothes and many more at the Ndere cultural center.

The Batwa trail experience

The Batwa people found around Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park . Historically the Batwa are said to have been the first people to settle in Uganda over 500,000 years ago they are renowned for their short statures and some time known as Pygmies. Cultural Safaris in Uganda is enticed by the visit of the Batwa especially if one wants to do both Gorilla trekking and Cultural Safaris in Uganda.

They used to inhabit the ancient rain forests of Uganda but were evicted in 1991 when the forests were gazetted as national parks. They used to survive on gathering honey and hunting forest animals and could depend on trees for medicine. You will enjoy story telling of the ancient forests, their local foods, local traditional dances as you are being accompanied by a Batwa guide through the forest.

The Karamojong

The Karamojong people are nomadic pastoralists found in the north eastern part of the country more like Masai warriors in Tanzania and Kenya with very unique and rich cultural values. The Karamojong people are cattle keepers who move from place to place looking for pasture to graze their cattle.

Cultural Safaris in Uganda when heading to the North of Uganda , tourists can engage in grazing activity, milking cows, traditional dances, learn about them and also acquire some very unique crafts to take home for remembrance not forgetting to visit the famous Kidepo valley national park found in Karamoja region.

The Gishu people

The Gishu people ate located in the eastern part of the country and are well known for their “kadodi dances” and circumcision of boys to show that they have reached manhood. They also have their own cultural values you can enjoy you can also visit the mountain with the worlds largest caldera which is in Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda.

The Sabin

The Sabin people can be visited with a combined safari to the elegant sipi falls, the Sabin are known for circumcising women you can visit the people and learn about their culture and way of life

Visit Fort portal town

Before reaching this historical town its also known as the cultural city of Uganda where one can fully get enough experience on Cultural Safaris in Uganda, you can stop at the ancient Nakayima tree with very fascinating history connected to the Chwezi people who were known to be demi gods by the Banyoro people. Other cultural sites around the area are Karambi tombs and Amaabere ga Nyinamwiru to mean “Breasts of Nyinamwiru”

The list of tribes in Uganda is endless but surely each tribe in the country has got something unique to its identity please visit the people and learn more of what you never knew of in the western world.

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