Boat Cruise on a Uganda Safari

Boat Cruise on a Uganda Safari: The main reason Uganda is regarded as one of the greatest safari destinations in Africa is that it is a popular location for chimpanzee trekking safaris. In Uganda, safaris often include animal watching in the national parks of Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo Valley, and Murchison Falls; mountain gorilla and chimpanzee trekking safaris in Bwindi Impenetrable; cultural experiences in Kampala; and birding excursions. However, in addition to game drives, road tours, and hiking safaris in Uganda, boat cruise safaris are another option for seeing the country’s wildlife.

Boat safaris in Uganda provide travelers with a tranquil approach to discovering the stunning wildlife and landscapes of Uganda- The pearls of Africa. On rivers, lakes, and the bases of waterfalls, a boat safari is where it’s done. A boat safari in Uganda unquestionably improves the overall safari experience.

A boat safari is an exceedingly adventurous kind of recreation on the freshwater bodies of the Pearl of Africa. One of the water sports in Uganda that gives visitors a chance to take in breathtaking views of the pearl of Africa is the boat ride adventure. Boat cruises are one of the things that a traveler will appreciate to unwind and let go of any stress he may be carrying from home. They also provide refreshing memories.

Boat Cruise on a Uganda Safari
Boat Cruise on a Uganda Safari

Apart from walking safaris or game drives, another option for tourists to witness wildlife animals that have congregated along the river banks to take water in large quantities is to go on a boat safari in Uganda.


Uganda boat cruise tours are available in the fresh waters of rivers and lakes. Some of the best locations to go for a boat cruise safari in Uganda include Lake Victoria, the second-largest lake in the world; Lake Bunyonyi, the deepest lake in Africa; the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park; the Albertine Nile near the source of the Nile; Lake Mburo National Park; and numerous other locations.

A boat cruise Uganda safari will give visitors an understanding of the breathtaking scenic grandeur of the exotic animals in the bush, including crocodiles, hippos, elephants, and other bird species, as well as the adjacent towns and villages. The boat trip can be combined with other Uganda safari activities like wildlife game viewing, chimpanzee trekking in Queen Elizabeth National Park’s Kyambura Gorge and in Budongo Forest National Park in Murchison Falls National Park, climbing lions in trees, gorilla trekking, bird watching safaris, and nature walks, among others.

Boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel: This is located in Queen Elizabeth National Park and separates Lake George and Lake Edward. The boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel offers the best boat adventure experiences and will offer great views of the park’s wildlife, including hippos, elephants, crocodiles, antelope, large herds of buffalo, and bird species like the King Fisher, African Mourning Bird, Black Bee Eaters, and Fish Eagle, among others. Also the boat tour in the Kazinga Channel offers magnificent views of the fishing communities and the fishermen using their showers for nighttime fishing.

Boat cruise on Murchison Falls: It is quite satisfying to take a boat trip on the Murchison Falls, which will take you to the top of the waterfall and the Nile Delta of the Albertine Lake. Other wildlife that you may see are Rothschild giraffes, antelopes, elephants, herds of buffalo, Uganda kobs, and hippos, in addition to other bird species. There are two boats available at Murchison Falls: the Nile Boat and the Delta Boat. Both boats are available in the morning and evening.


The Uganda Wildlife Authority levies a fee of $30 per person per day in all national parks, including Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, and Lake Mburo, and it is 150,000 shillings in Lake Bunyonyi. However, the majority of other locations where boat cruises are conducted have varying, uniform costs. Please get in touch with us at Focus East Africa Tours for more details about the Uganda boat safari.


The boat cruise safari can be taken at any time of year, just like any other Uganda safari, but it is most suggested between June and mid-October and December to February during the dry season when there is little chance of rain.

Boat Cruise on a Uganda Safari
Boat Cruise on a Uganda Safari


Travelers are required to wear life jackets to prevent drowning in the event of an accident; it is advised that they have some swimming ability; they avoid leaning on the sides of the boat; they abstain from smoking while on a boat cruise; the boat should properly balance both in the front and behind to prevent accidents, and the boat should not be overcrowded so that it carries the maximum capacity among those who will be on board.

Conclusion: Instead of doing the typical mountain gorilla hiking and game drives, you may try a boat cruise safari, which is a more relaxed and fun method of wildlife viewing, to make your upcoming Uganda safari a little different and distinct. We can assure you that going on a safari will be a pleasant experience that will live long in your mind. To begin organizing and planning your future Uganda boat cruise safari, get in touch with us at Focus East Africa Tours right away. This adventure is waiting for you.

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