Best way to get a Uganda Travel Visa

Uganda is a landlocked country located in the eastern part of east Africa, its also one of the most beautiful countries on earth that you should include on your bucket list. The people are friendly and warm welcoming with its abundant wildlife boasting with the big five you might not see else where.

Ugandan visas can also be acquired at the country’s entry points, at the Entebbe international airport or any boarder station of the country. You will need to fill an application form and have passport size photos with you.

The process of getting a Ugandan travel visa are not very complicated, you will need to be truthful with the information you provide and also give in the requirements needed. Some of the requirements you will need to acquire a visa can be seen below.

Vaccination certificate for yellow fever if arriving from an infected area.

E- Visa

When travelling to Uganda with a passport an E- Visa will be required. Uganda issues E-Visas to citizens of the United states and most world citizens. It can be for business trips, conferences, family visit, tourism, student, diplomatic and official.

The E-Visa form can be downloaded from the embassy website of your country of origin and you will also need to attach two passport photos.

Every tourist must have a valid passport

You may sometimes be required to show your return ticket

Some tourists from some nations will not need visas to enter Uganda.

The Visa $50-$100  always runs for 90 days and it expires, a multi entry visa costs more and a transit visa can also be issued.

Its always advisable for tourists to get relevant information about visas before travelling to avoid disappointments.

Alternatively, you can you an appropriate and registered tour company to help you with processing the travel visa.

The entry permit forms are classified in the following:

Class A1: persons in government services OAU, UN, COMESA and other institutions approved by minister of internal affairs.

Class A: contracting companies of above organizations.

Class B-F: investors in various disciplines.

Class G: this is under employees and investors who are required to execute a security bond equivalent to the cost of a single economy class ticket to their country origin. No entry permit fees is required for class A but payments for rates of foreign countries are published  equivalent to currency of Uganda. Renewals can be done at half fee.

Sometimes getting a visa will involve short interviews, their might be anxiety but the questions are normal and make sure the information and your documents are up to date make sure you read your appoint Kent letter very well before going for interviews.

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