Best Uganda Travel Tips

Uganda Travel Tips, these are the basic tips one should know about Uganda, Uganda Travel Tips are good for those who are planning to travel to Uganda and even some one who has ever been to Uganda.

Uganda is the pearl of African continent, therefore there are many reasons you should visit this gem of Africa. The country boasts with diverse travel destinations you will need to explore but before embarking on your Uganda safari you will need some of the Uganda Travel Tips and advise can be seen below.


The currency In Uganda is Uganda shillings, its advisable to change some money to the country’s currency in arrival this will make it easier for you to buy small things or even pay hotels though some companies, hotels and more can accept USD, credit cards and travelers cheques.


The country is found on the equator line making its climate moderate all year round hence favoring tourist’s activities, but the best time to visit Uganda is from June to September and December to January. Wildlife can easily be seen and the roads are very accessible.

Visa and travel requirements

This is the most key of all the Uganda Travel Tips. Most visitors to Uganda will need passports except visitors from some countries, passports must be valid for at least six months from their departure date. Ugandan visas can be obtained online or at the country’s entry points, Visas are valid for three months and extension can be done at the country’s immigration offices.


When travelling to Uganda make sure you book with hotels your going to sleep, book gorilla permits in advance or you can book with a tour company that will help you with all you need and give you the right advise and information about various tourists destinations.

What to bring

Parking list on every trip is important that is why our Uganda Travel Tips highlight this very much. When visiting the country you should also know what to carry, for example for going for gorilla trekking ensure that you have hiking boots, rain jackets, sun screen, insect repellents, long sleeved shirts and many more. Knowing what to carry will reduce the cost of you hiring or buying when you reach.

Mountain gorillas

Mountain gorillas in Uganda can only be found in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Bwindi impenetrable national park, the cost of gorilla permits is $600 permit. Golden monkeys can also be found in Mgahinga national park.

Wildlife viewing

Uganda has got abundant wildlife and there are 10 national parks and 12 game reserves each park has got its own unique wildlife for example the cheetah can only be found in Kidepo valley national park, in the north you will see rhinos while visiting Murchison falls it also has a giraffe which is not in Queen Elizabeth, queen Elizabeth is also famous for its tree climbing lions lake Mburo has got zebras and elands so the type of animals you want to see might be concentrated in some areas other than others or not in other areas.


Uganda is a birders paradise with over 1040 species of birds, the best place for bird enthusiasts to visit is queen Elizabeth national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park and Kidepo for the rarest birds other parks also have birds and mabamba swamp is where you can see the rare shoebill in plenty plus other birds.

Chimpanzee trekking

Uganda habits over 5000 chimpanzees found in different places in the country, if your visiting the country for chimpanzee trekking you can travel to Budongo forest in Murchison falls, Kyambura George in Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi impenetrable forest and Kalinzu forest among others.

Multi entry visa

For travelers planning to travel to the neighboring countries, they will need to acquire a multi entry visa which can be acquired prior to entry. They cost $100 its required that you read the rules and regulations from the Ugandan embassy website or consult from a tour company.


There are various accommodation types in Uganda ranging from budget, mid range, luxurious and camping. The place were to stay will always depend on the tourists choice and budget.


The transport costs of public means like buses is cheaper than private cars or hires. The routes you use for travelling will also affect the travel cost.

Health and insurance

To avoid unnecessary inconvenience a yellow fever vaccination is always required, tourists are advised to take personal insurances and anti malaria inoculations for their safety during travel.

Airports / airstrips

The main entry airport to the country is Entebbe international airport, there are several airstrips in major towns and also within national parks. Standard charted flights can be arranged for travelers who don’t want to travel by road. The easiest way to fly in for mountain gorilla trekking is by flying to Rwanda in Kigali international airport which is three hours drive from Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks unlike Entebbe which is  far.


Uganda offers variety of foods, there are some hotels that provide continental meals and consider people with food allergies .there are also various drinks offered ranging from spirits, hard drinks and soft drinks you could also try locally made beer.

Souvenirs can be acquired at various crafts shops most of this pieces are impressive and beautiful.

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