Alfajiri villas

Alfajiri villas

Alfajiri Villas is nested on the edge of Indian Ocean on the famous Diani beach favorite to many visitors of Kenya south of Mombasa, Alfajiri Villas is situated on an hour one flight from Mombasa airport. Alfajiri Villas is a luxury type of accommodation offering comfortable stay to visitors of Mombasa and tourists on a safari experience to Mombasa marine national park and reserve.

Accommodation at Alfajiri Villas

Alfajiri Villas offers it amazing comfortable accommodation in 3 luxury beach fronts facilities that is beach villa, cliff villa and garden villa. Each these villa consists access to the Indian Ocean, the beach and its magnificent views, a private swimming pool and are provided with 24 hour service. Each room of the villa is equipped with an en-suite bathroom consisting of a flush toilet, hot and cold running water showers.

  • cliff villa

Cliff villa is situated on a cliff top overlooking the Indian Ocean, it features 3 en-suite double bedrooms and 1 en-suite twin room accommodating up to 8 guests ideal for family visitors, the villa features its own private swimming where you can relax after a long day and a private verandah for the two double-bedrooms where you can sit and enjoy breakfast and lunch with a view.

The verandah is equipped hand carved sofas where you can lounge on, the villa also features a turret suite situated on the top floor of the establishment, and this suite offers 270 degrees view of the beautiful Indian Ocean.

  • Garden villa

Garden villa is established on the beautiful green rolling lawns, the villa features four bedrooms open for visitors. These rooms, 3 of them are  double bedrooms and 1 en-suite twin bedroom all with ocean views, these rooms are ideal for couple traveler 4 in number. Bedrooms in garden villa are equipped with beautiful décor and beautiful hand-made African furniture with an Arab touch, garden villa was individually designed with elegant Robinson Crusoe-style architecture.

Garden villa features a large verandah where you can lounge from and enjoy views of the ocean, a private pool and gardens.

  • Beach villa

Beach villas is a very private accommodation facility situated a few meters from the beach surrounded by palm gardens, the beach villa is ideal for beach lovers as it is close on the beach sand. Beach villa features 2 en-suite double rooms and 1 en-suite twin room which accommodates approximately 6 guests and ideal for two sets for friends and a small friendly.

Like garden villa, beach villa was individually designed with elegant Robinson Crusoe style, architecture, the villa consists of a private verandah from which you lounge and enjoy views of the ocean and a private swimming pool.

Services and facilities at Alfajiri Villas

Alfajiri Villas offers numerous services and facilities to make your stay more appealing and comfortable in the sense of feeling at home away from home, these services and facilities include.

Restaurant and delicious menu

Alfajiri Villas offer amazing menu with healthy and professionally prepared dishes, Alfajiri Villas has a couple of professional chefs dedicated to serving the visitors according to their preference. For children, Alfajiri Villas’ chefs prepare meals tailored made to suite the tastes and requirements of children, generally the restaurant offers freshly caught sea food such as crab, prawns, lobster and many fish types such as yellowfin tuna dorado, snapper and many more. The menu is greatly influenced by the Mediterranean with Italian flavor packed dishes, salads, fruits and vegetable got from local farmers.

  • 24 hour service

Alfajiri Villas offers 24 hour room service to all its visitors ready to serve at any time upon request

  • Private swimming pool

Each villa at Alfajiri Villas that is garden villa, beach villa and cliff villa features a private swimming pool. The swimming pool is situated in the private location of the villas and from the pool you get to enjoy views of Indian Ocean.

  • Private Butler

Alfajiri Villas offers a private butler to its visitors regardless of the villa you chose to stay in while in at the Alfajiri Villas.

  • Lounge

Each villa in Alfajiri Villas features a lounge equipped with couches where you can lounge and enjoy free time reading a book, enjoying the views of Indian Ocean and the surrounding.

  • 18-hole championship golf

Alfajiri Villas features a golf area where golf game is played, the golf area is open to all visitors of the villas.

  • Children play area

Alfajiri Villas offers a children play area where you can leave your child to play with fellow children during your stay.

  • Mobile phone signal

Activities offered at Alfajiri Villas

  • scuba diving
  • snorkeling
  • deep-sea fishing
  • sailing
  • dolphin and whale watching
  • sky diving
  • golf
  • dhow cruises
  • kite surfing and wind surfing
  • children activities

Getting to Alfajiri Villas

Alfajiri Villas is very accessible because of its strategic location and can be reached using both road and air transport, by road the villa can be reached using road transfer from Mombasa via Likono ferry which is a drive of about 1-2 hours. By air, there is daily chartered flights from Nairobi, Mombasa town and Masai Mari. From Nairobi flights are from either Nairobi Wilson airport or jomo Kenyatta international airport to Ukunda airstrip, from you use Moi international airport to Ukunda airstrip. from Ukunda Airstrip it is a 5 minutes’ drive to Alfajiri Villas.

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