Airtrips and gates of Serengeti national park

Airtrips and gates of Serengeti national park

Airtrips and gates of Serengeti national park: Serengeti national park is a very famous tourist destination in Tanzania famed for its most world’s greatest spectacle of the annual great migration of wildebeests, Serengeti national park is found in northern Tanzania and it is one of the most prominent ecological systems in East Africa.

Since Serengeti national park is a very interesting park to visit for a safari knowing how to get to the park is very important, this article lists the airstrips and gates used to access the park for a safari.

Airstrips in Serengeti national park

Air means of transport is the quickest way to get to Serengeti national park for a safari, using the air means there is a number of airstrips established a round Serengeti national park offering regional flights to the park and connecting to different destinations. These airstrips include

  • Seronera airstrip

Seronera airstrip is one of the most used airstrip by tourists using air means to get to Serengeti national park for a safari and regional flights, the airstrip is the largest by size and it is situated about 1 kilometer south of Seronera tourist information centre. Airlines operating at Seronera airstrip to various destinations include

Air Excel flying to Arusha, Manyara

Auric Air flying to Arusha, Grumeti, Klein’s Camp, Kogatende, Lobo, Manyara, Sasakawa, Entebbe

Coastal Aviation flying to Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Entebbe (via Tarime), Fort Ikoma, Grumeti, Kilimanjaro, Kogatende, Lobo, Pangani (Mashado), Manyara, Mwanza, Ndutu, Sasakawa, Selous (Lower), Selous (Upper), Ruaha, Tarime, Zanzibar[6]

Flight link flying to Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar

Regional Air flying to Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Grumeti, Kilimanjaro, Kogatende, Lobo, Manyara, Sasakawa, Zanzibar

Safari Plus flying to Arusha, Zanzibar

Seronera airstrip is owned by the government of Tanzania and operated by Tanzania National Park Authority (TANAPA), from Seronera airstrip is approximately 1 hours’ drive to the park’s main gate.

  • Serengeti kusini airstrip

Serengeti kusini airstrip is a convenient way of getting to Serengeti national park, the airstrip is situated near Kusini Kopjes. Using the airstrip does not only offer you easy access to the park it also so strategically situated in an area where wildebeest migration starts from, in this area you can easily see the animals. Serengeti Kusini airstrip is situated in a drive of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to the park.

  • Lobo airstrip

Lobo airstrip is situated in the northern eastern region of Serengeti area of Lobo, the airstrip is approximately 30 minutes – 1 hour drive to the park’s main entrance.

  • Fort Ikoma airstrip

Fort Ikoma airstrip is situated in a short distance North West of Serengeti national park, this airstrip is rarely used because it is next to Seronera airstrip.

  • Kirawira B airstrip

Kirawira B airstrip is situated on the western end of Serengeti national park a few distance from north of Grumeti River, the airstrip is used by most the tourists coming to the park by air.

  • Kogatende airstrip

Kogatende airstrip is situated on the banks of Mara River and northern section of Serengeti national park, Kogatende airstrip is an easy access to the remote section of the park and it is strategically situated in the area crossed by hundreds of wildebeests and zebras during the great migration

Gates of Serengeti national park

Serengeti national park consist of many gates situated in different parts of the park used by tourists to access the park for a safari, these gates include

Naabi hill gate

 Naabi hill gate is on top of a hill situated a few kilometers from eastern Serengeti border with Ngorongoro, the gate is an administrative checkpoint and headquarters for both Tanzania national parks association and NCAA offices. Naabi hill gate is situated in a 30 minutes’ drive from Lake Ndutu, Olduvai Gorge museum by road and approximately 1 hour from Seronera airstrip, the route to Naabi hill gate is a bit bump and muddy which requires you to use a 4X4 wheel vehicle while using it an entrance and exit gate to Serengeti national park.

Fort Ikoma gate

Fort Ikoma gate is one of the official entrance and exit point into Serengeti national park situated on the north western border of the park just a few kilometers south of the entrance point to Grumeti game reserve, the gate is also situated in a stone’s throw from Robanda a small village and a few kilometers north of Ikoma historical site.

Fort Ikoma gate is not just a gate, it is has a security gate, shops, toilets and TANAPA administration offices where one can get a park permit. The gate is situated in a 1 hour’s drive from Seronera, about 2 hours from Butiama and about 5-6 hours’ from Mwanza.

Ndabaka gate

 Ndabaka gate is situated adjacent to Lake Victoria in a drive of 2 hours north of Mwanza town, it is the western most gate used to get into the park and mostly used by tourists from Mwanza town. Ndabaka gate is located along Musoma – highway and it is easily accessed using a bus from Mwanza.

Habdajega gate

Habdajega gate is situated in the remote area on the south western end of Serengeti national park just a few kilometers south east of Ndabaka gate which is a frequently used gate. The gate is accessed using both road and air, by road route through rural Mwanza villages leads you to the gate and by air the gate is the most convenient airstrips to used are Kirawira B airstrip, Mwanza airstrip and Musoma airstrip.

Bologonja gate

Bologonja gate is a less used gate found on the northern border of Serengeti national park where Maasai Mara game reserve begins, it is found in a remote area. Bologonja gate has a ranger’s post which is used as a check point before entering or exiting Serengeti Park and also when entering Masai mara of Kenya.

Bologonja gate is located about 158 kilometers from Naabi hill and 193 kilometers from Ndabaka, when using air transport to get to Serengeti national park for a safari.

Klein’s gate 

  Klein’s gate is found in the remote area of the park near the north eastern border, it is an exit and entrance point used by tourists and suppliers of the park, Klein’s gate is also used by tourists going to and coming from Loliondo game controlled area and sits on the road leading to lake natron through the areas north of Ngorongoro conservation area.

Klein’s gate is situated a few kilometers north of Lobo airstrip, the gate is easily accessed using from Lake Natron, Ol Doinyo Lengai and from south through Ngorongoro conservation area.

Using the above airstrips and gates getting to Serengeti national park has been made easy, book your safari with Focus East Africa tours and enjoy an amazing safari.

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