2022/2023 Top 5 Tanzania Safari Tours

2022/2023 Top 5 Tanzania Safari Tours  : Tanzania is a premier safari destination in Africa. The wildlife watching is fantastic, with big cats being particularly visible. The Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park both have all five members of the Big Five making them best safari parks for wildlife viewing in Africa. Almost 40% of Tanzania is protected and set aside for conservation, making it simple to embark on a Tanzania safari for two weeks and drive from park to park without leaving the jungle.

Apart from wildlife safari, a journey to Tanzania would be incomplete without a safari trip to the coast, even if the safari possibilities are plentiful. The fabulous white beaches of Zanzibar, the more secluded Pemba and Mafia islands, and the Tanzania mainland coast are all reasonably accessible and must-see safari destinations in your 2022-2023 Tanzania safari tour. Zanzibar elicits a wealth of romantic vacation sentiments, with plenty to keep the senses stimulated. The Mafia Archipelago, located to the south, is a stunning collection of islands situated in a pure blue sea.  Having many attractions to offer, most tourist has been finding difficult to choose what to see and what to leave behind. So, in this essay, I’ll outline the safaris that I believe every Tanzania safari should have, so that anyone considering a safari visit to Tanzania can make an informed decision.

 Ngorongoro Crater Safari, Tanzania

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is around 160 kilometers from Arusha and is a truly wonderful site. There are approximately 80,000 Maasai people that live in the reserve area. The crater, however, is the most important aspect of Ngorongoro. It is the largest uninterrupted caldera on the planet. It’s essentially a massive open-air amphitheater. The walls reach a height of 600 meters. The interior is 260 kilometers square. It features broad grasslands, wetlands, and lakes (both fresh and saltwater lakes), but what makes this region, which was formed by a volcano, truly remarkable is that it can house up to 30,000 animals at any given time.

2022/2023 Top 5 Tanzania Safari Tours
Ngorongoro Tours

The “big five can be seen here. So, on the day of your visit, you will see four of the “big five” including elephant, a rhinoceros, a buffalo, and a lion. The Leopard are rarely seen because they are shy and elusive animals which are most active at night. What’s great about Ngorongoro is that it feels like someone went out and sprinkled animals everywhere—in some areas, there are animals everywhere you look. Zebras, wildebeest, gazelles, ostriches, and warthogs are all present.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania Safari

This is yet another must-see and do attraction in Tanzania, It is the one of the world’s largest national park, with an area of nearly 13,000 square kilometers.

Now, Serengeti means “endless plains that reach right up to the sky” in Swahili, the local Tanzanian language, and it is wonderful because it is a great, enormous flat plain. It’s famous for the migration, which occurs when a million wildebeest, a few hundred thousand zebras, a couple hundred thousand gazelles, and other animals migrate from the dry to the wetter parts of the country in search of food and water. It was founded in 1951 and it is the oldest National Park in Tanzania. The Serengeti is a fantastic site to visit in Tanzania, and it’s perhaps one of the most well-known destinations in the world.

Tarangire National Park Safari, Tanzania

 Tarangire National Park, is 120 kilometers from Arusha and 160 kilometers from Kilimanjaro Airport, making it quite accessible if you’re flying in. It is Tanzania’s sixth largest park and the fifth to open after the country gained independence from Britain. In 1971, Tarangire National Park was formed. In terms of major attractions, there are several baobab trees throughout the park, and the Tarangire River, which is particularly vital during the dry season, acts as a magnet for wildlife. Above all Tarangire national park is known for having largest herds of elephants.

So, while it’s difficult for animals to find water during the dry season, which lasts from July to September, the Tarangire River continues to flow, and many of the large animals that have left during the wetter seasons (when they migrate to other parts of the country where there is more vegetation) tend to return. So visiting during the dry season is really beneficial.  It’s a lovely park and one of the must-see attractions.

Masai Cultural Experience

The Maasai are people you’ll see as you travel around Tanzania, and they’re easily identifiable since they wear cloth robes in bright colors like red and blue. However, they are Tanzania’s indigenous people and a significant tribe, and you may visit numerous communities across the country to learn about their heritage, history, and way of life. Tanzania safaris and culture trips will benefit from more experience.

2022/2023 Top 5 Tanzania Safari Tours
Maasai tribe in Tanzania

The Maasai tribes in best seen in the Ngorongoro conservational area, during your visit to maasa they’ll demonstrate their different ways of life including how they make fire without the need for any combustibles (no matches etc.). They then take you around their homes. How are the houses constructed? You visit a residence, then the school, and finally you have the opportunity to purchase some wonderful handcrafted items. Going to the village provides you with a true sense and understanding of the Maasai people of Tanzania, as well as the opportunity to contribute back to the community. It is another never miss safari experience in Tanzania especial if cultural safaris are your interest. Other unique Bushmen apart from Maasai where you can experience cultural tour are Hadzabe and Datoga.

Zanzibar beaches Tanzania safari

The Zanzibar archipelago invokes tales of fantasy and romance packed with Swahili princes, Omani Sultans, and Shirazi merchants, and is home to old Stone Town. Many civilizations were drawn to Zanzibar in pursuit of fresh markets, experiences, and new territories to explore. The Swahili language and culture developed through commerce with the Bantu tribe. Zanzibar was a prominent commercial center, thanks to the spice trade in particular. Zanzibar became a British protectorate near the end of the nineteenth century, from which it gained independence in 1963. However, Zanzibar and Tanganyika became part of the Republic of Tanzania a year later.

Zanzibar is a pearl of the Indian Ocean, located on Africa’s east coast. On this island, nature and history are inseparable. Visit UNESCO-listed Stone Town or relax on one of the island’s gorgeous beaches. Explore the island’s native fauna (such as the red Colobus monkey) or utilize it as a base for safaris. Zanzibar is an excellent choice for your vacation.

2022/2023 Top 5 Tanzania Safari Tours
Prison Island

Unguja (or Zanzibar), Pemba, and Tumbatu Island make up Zanzibar, which is a semi-autonomous state inside Tanzania. Along with its history, Zanzibar is currently one of the top safari destinations in Tanzania and Africa, with its spectacular beaches being the main attraction.

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