The Equator

Equator is an imaginary line that divides the earth in to two equal parts.  Uganda pearl of Africa is one of the countries in the world that have got the equator intersecting the country, 14 countries and territorial waters are being traversed by the imaginary line and 7 of this countries are in Africa. The imaginary line crosses the country from along Kampala-Masaka road which is about 73 kilometers from the capital city.

The line is more than 40,000 kilometers longs and 78.7% crosses waters while 21.3% crosses over land, the latitude of the equator is by 0° on the equator line this is because both magnetic fields of the south and north hemisphere are pulling on the equal point. The equator is the only line of latitude which is a great circle.

The lucky countries being crossed by the imaginary line in Africa include; Gabon, Democratic republic of Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, Principe and Sao Tome. Another equator marker is located in Kasese district of Uganda within Queen Elizabeth national park.

This is an imaginary line that runs east to west on the Earth’s surface dividing the earth into northern and southern hemisphere. While at the equator if on poured water on a funnel on the northern hemisphere it’s runs clockwise and at the southern hemisphere it’s runs counter clockwise then the equator line the water goes straight caused by the cirrhosis effect of magnetic field.

While traveling for a great wildlife safari to the great lakes region of the country, tourists can stop by at the equator and take a few photos, there are also magical handmade crafts being sold at the shops where the equator is, this crafts are mostly connected to the equator they can be sovenirs to take back home for remembrance.

Many places near the equator are rainy throughout the year while other places receives rainy and dry seasons, the temperature at the equator can plummet during rainy seasons. There’s also a fact that the gravity at the equator is 0.5% less meaning any weight is 0.5% lesser at the equator this is because the earth is flattened at the poles and it’s not a perfect sphere.

The imaginary line is a few tens of kilometers further from the center of the earth, than when standing at the poles gravity is slightly less at the equator because gravity falls off with distance. A magnetic needle would have no dip and will remain at the horizontal position.

At this place you will also find a restaurant serving continental mouth watering meals and various drinks available including tasty coffee. While at the equator the sun rises and falls more rapidly yet with equal numbers of day and night,

The Ugandan equator can be accessed from Kampala- Masaka road 72 kilometers from the city or at Kasese which is 420 kilometers south west of Kampala.

To have an experience of standing in the middle of the world, tourists can go visit the Ugandan part and be among one of the lucky people to stand in the middle of the northern and southern hemisphere. The equator is a one stop point experience while visiting western Uganda. Various accommodation units are available in Masaka town.

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