Sipi Falls

Sipi falls is one of the best places for hikers, it’s situated in the eastern part of the country at mount Elgon national park near the Ugandan Kenyan boarder, and it’s approximately 277 kilometer from the country’s capital Kampala.

There are three water falls that form up Sipi falls, he third time s the most dramatic falling from an altitude of 100 meters high, it’s the main water fall and the biggest of the three waterfalls it forms glorious showers on the swimming pool below sometimes covered with a rainbow.

The first waterfall is the second highest falling from an altitude of 85 meters it offers panoramic view of the waters falling to the bottom and the second cliff falls from an altitude of 65 meters this waterfall is referred to as a twin fall and it’s the smallest of the waterfalls. If it’s in the dry season tourists can go and swimming down the twin waterfall this is one of the greatest ways to cool off the heat of the scorching sun form the hike but the water amounts increase in the rain season and it will not be advisable to cool off here as it can be risky.

The name Sipi is derived from a banana like river that grows from the banks of the Sipi River, the plant is called “Sep” by the locals and used for treatment of measles and fevers.The climate of Kapchorwa is one the coolest in the country though out the year.

Sipi falls is one of the best places to do Abseiling in the country rappels and knowledgeable guides are available at a very cheap and affordable price to make your experience more memorable. Abseiling is commonly done at the main waterfall.

Sipi falls is also the main starting point and descending point for hikers of mount elgon national park, the falls fall up to 100 meters and the surrounding areas offer breathtaking​ views of the Arabica coffee plantations which grows only at altitudes of 1,600-1,900 meters

A part from visiting Sipi falls tourists can take tours to the coffee plantations and see how coffee is planted, processing  and roasting. There are tour guides knowledgeable about coffee who will take you through the coffee farms. Tourists can even buy some coffee to take back home for remembrance and most of the lodges within Mount Elgon national park and Sipi falls.

Tourists can also hike to the famous mount Elgon national park

Sipi falls is located is one of the areas with very rich culture and cultural values, they circumcise the private parts of their  young adolescent girls before they get married visiting the people and knowing more about the cultural values is far more interesting. The Sabin people are also one the world’s tribe gifted with talent, they are naturally athletes.

The Sipi falls area also boasts with various bird species over 270 have been recorded in the area  some of the example of birds found here are endemic to mount Elgon national park examples of birds here are; forest birds and water birds.

Tourists can also ask their safari more memorable by taking a game drive at the slopes of mount Elgon national park and encounter wild life such as; giant forest hogs, bush bucks, Reed bucks, wild pigs and many more.

Mountain biking can also be done in this area so tourists are free to come along with their bikes to enjoy this chanting experience.

The weather at Sipi falls is almost the same all year round but the rainiest seasons make the rocks slippery and tourists are advised to move along with walking sticks

Sipi falls can be accessed from Kampala via Mbale by road and takes about 5-6 hours to reach the magnificent falls. There are different trails leading to the water falls depending on which waterfall you would love to visit first. Cars stop at some point and can’t reach the falls.

The falls can all be seen in a period of about 3 hours covering a distance of about 7-8 kilometers depending on the hikers pace.

There are a number of accommodation units tourists can stay from at Kapchorwa town or at mount Elgon national park some of them like the Sipi river lodge, Lacam lodge, Sipi river resort, Crowns Nest rest camp and Noah’s ark hotels among the rest.

Sipi falls is one of the best places to go for a weekend getaway and relax with sightseeing as you get enchanted with nature at it’s​ best plus the cool serene environment of mount Elgon.

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