River Nile

River Nile is the longest river in the world having its source in Uganda pearl of Africa, the river begins it’s journey from one of the worlds fresh water lakes in the central part of the country traveling on a 6, 500 kilometers to the Mediterranean sea.

River Nile is also the prime source of hydroelectricity in the country, the Nile was formally known as Omugga Kitara by the locals, the river is more centered to Uganda and Egypt, it.passes through nine countries including Sudan, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zair and Ethiopia.

River Nile derives it’s word from a Greek word to simply mean “ valley”  the Nile supports a lot of aquatic life for example crocodiles found on it’s river banks in Egypt that are considered to be he longest in the world. Lake Victoria the source of the Nile received its water from many streams but the largest is from the Kagera river flowing from Rwanda.

The journey to the source of the Nile is very rewarding with spectacular landscapes of sugar cane and tea plantations along the side the road with the splendid Mabira forest which is the largest in the country. In Egypt, the historical sites are centered on the banks of the splendid river Nile.

River Nile comprises of two main twigs that is white and blue Nile, the white Nile. The white Nile is the longest of the twigs and is split into three that is; the central Sudan region, the lake plateua region and the sudd. The Blue Nile connects from Khartoumto form the core Nile made up of the Egyptian Nile and the contract Nile.

The mighty River Nile has been important to every country that it passes since the ancient times, the banks of river are very fertile hence supporting agriculture countries like Egypt that are completely desert countries have been able to use water from the source of the Nile to do farming activities through implementation of irrigation.

The magnificent waters of the Nile flow at an average volume of 300 million cubic meters per day passing in the course of a three month journey. The river passes in Murchison falls national park and forces itself on a narrow passage of 6 meters wide forming the glorious devil’s the strongest water fall in the world flowing in a dramatic placid stream to Lake Albert.

River Nile is of great value to the country, apart from tourist’s activities the Nile is the source of hydro electricity power in Uganda at the Owen falls dam. Some of the tourists’ activities that can be done within the Nile can be seen below.

Boat rides

Tourists can take boat rides in the Nile this is one of the most thrilling and rewarding activities as you will be able to see beauty of the pearl of Africa with the lakes Flora’s and fauna to be observed in the cool waters.


Fishing at the Nile is fun, this recreational activity can be done with permission and tourists will be required to come along with their fishing gears or hire them at an affordable price, the fish caught can later be enjoyed on a dinner meal.

White water rafting

For those looking to encounter fun in Africa’s longest river, they can go out for white water rafting. The grade five water rafting is an unforgettable experience of all times.

Bungee jumping is one the activities you can do while at the river Nile in Jinja however this activity requires braveness.


While visiting the source of the Nile, tourists can also see the John Speke monument he first explorer to find the source of the Nile.

The source of the Nile can be accessed from Kampala it’s about one and half hours drive east of the city.

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