Ihimba Hot Springs

The Ihimba hot springs are located in Kabale of western Uganda, the springs derive their name from the Bahima people living in this area, and they are obscured by the eucalyptus forest

The Ihimba hot springs just like other springs on the country are believed to have healing powers, it’s said the Bakiga of Kigezi and other locals used to come to find their healing at the splendid springs. The springs are believed to heal backache, rheumatism and other ailments.

The Ihimba hot springs have got chemicals and minerals like potassium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium phosphate, calcium chloride and lithium sulphate among others. These minerals are believed to have medical values in them.

The country also boats with other springs for those who would love to visit other springs in the country there are a big number such as Sempaya hot springs, Rwajimba hot springs, Kanangorok hot springs, Amoropii hot springs and many more.

Tourists visiting the lhimba hot springs can visit the Bahima people who have got very rich and unique culture, you can a lot about their cultural values and how they live their day today lives you can also acquire sovenirs from the local crafts shops to take back home for remembrance or to your loved ones.

The famous endangered mountain gorillas that can only be found only in the virunga massif are found in the famous Mgahinga national park, tourists visiting the lhimba hot springs can always include the park in their itinerary to encounter this endangered species before they become extinct.

The lhimba hot springs are also positioned in western Uganda at the great lakes region, tourists can visit one of the national parks found there like Semiliki national park or queen Elizabeth national park for  a wonderful wildlife encounter various wildlife like elephants, tree climbing lions, zebras, Ugandan Kobs, buffalos, wild pigs and many more.

Bird watching

Uganda is gifted with very many species of birds some of this birds are endemic to the country, from the time you land at the aiport you will experience a lot of birdlife queen Elizabeth is one of the country’s birding destination with over 500 species of birds to be seen some of the birds are the verreaux eagle, fishing eagles, bare faced go away bird, barbet, sunbirds and many more.

Ihimba hot springs can be accessed from Kabale at Kabale- Katuna road located about 8 kilometers off the main road.

Tourists visiting the lhimba hot springs can find accommodation at Kabale town, there are various accommodation units and where to sleep will depend on the tourist’s budget and choice but most of the hotels and mid range and offer quality service with good customer care.

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