Buranga Hot Springs

The Buranga hot springs located at an elevation of 1,099 above sea level are located in Bundibugyo district in the western part of Uganda. The springs attract a lot of animals due to the salt coming from its depth and a lot of birds due to the swamps found around the springs.

At the base of Bwamba escarpment of the east African great rift at the slopes of Rwenzori mountain are where the hot springs are found, the springs have also got endemic micro organisms. Buranga hotsprings are formed as a result of the tectonic activity in the rift valley.

The Buranga hot springs have three other springs connected to each other in about 700 meters this springs can be seen below:

Kagaro springs

This are found on a forest enclosure with a travertine cones of 1.5 meters high, they have Sulphur deposits in one of the cones, the temperatures is from 60°C to 91°C.

Mumbuga springs

This are numerous with all of them depositing carbonates, they are in an area of 60*40 m water from the ground forms a fountain of 50 cm high and the temperatures reach up to 98.5° C. One of the springs has built 1.5 meters high travertine cone with terraces.

Nyansimbe springs​

This spring contains a carbonate cone with a clear pool of water 86° C , depth of more than 5 meters and a diameter of about 30 meters. This spring can only be accessed during the dry season as it’s got a swamp around it.

The Virunga hot springs also have a proposed geothermal power station in Uganda of 100 MW, the location of the springs indicate subsurface water temperatures suitable for electricity generation. Springs also change according to climatic, changes after each earth quake, older springs might disappear and new ones appear.

A part from Buranga hot springs tourists can also visit many other springs in the country such as Nyansimbi hot springs, Rwajimba hot springs and many more most of this springs have the same myth and reason as to why locals go and visit them that is the healing powers they are believed to contain.

Uganda is endowed with different tourist destinations that tourists can visit while on a safari they can not only stop at the springs but encounter the abundant wildlife by visiting one of the national parks like Queen Elizabeth national park famous for its tree climbing lions or visit the Mgahinga national park for a gorilla trekking safari.

Tourists can also visit the people and learn about their different cultural values and beliefs, Uganda is very rich with culture, tourists can also buy sovenirs to take back home for remberance at the local crafts shops.

There are various lodges of where to sleep in the choice will mostly depend on the tourists budget lodges range from mid range, middle and luxurious.

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