Uwanda Game Reserve

Uwanda game reserve is positioned near Katavi national park in Sumbawanga district found in the south Western part of Tanzania, the park covers an area of 4100 kilometers squared ofwhich 80% is lake Rukwa renowned for habituating numerous crocodiles despite most of the park being mostly covered by the lake, the land part boasts with scenic lake shores at the backdrop of acacias and miombo trees. Its an interesting place to visit for safaris in Tanzania.

Uwanda game reserve was established in 1974 and Lake Rukwa is majorly known for highest population of crocodiles. Uwanda is also a breeding place for red locusts which attract many birds. You can visit it for affordable holidays in Tanzania.

Lake Rukwa is being fed by hot brine springs; excavations have been carried out and proved that Stone Age people lived at the lakes shores from the 13th century. There are also salt pans at Ivuna which is 25 kilometers from the shores. Lake Rukwa of Uwanda national park was also a stop over for the slave trade caravan route in the 19th century. The lakes water is alkaline and support Tilapia life which has made it a fishing destination and the fish has been exported as far as Congo and Zambia.

Tourist’s activities at Uwanda game reserve:

Game viewing: Uwanda game reserve is blessed with various animals like antelopes, reedbucks, elands, topi, elephants, giraffes, and kobusvardonia rare species of puku and many others.

Birding: For tourists interested in birding, Uwanda game reserve is a birders paradise with over 400 species of birds some of which are endemic to this area examples of birds found in the park are; red shark, wood pecker, Grey parrots among the rest.

Guided nature walks: Guided nature walks at Uwanda national park can be conducted with a tourist guide to lake Rukwa, here tourists can come across many wildlife and bird species as well as enjoy the striking lake views

Boat cruise: A boat cruise at the beautiful lake Rukwa is rewarding with extensive views of the swamps and wetlands at the shores while getting close to the crocodiles and hippos tourists can easily views on their boat, to make the boat cruise superb, tourists can pack a launch box to enjoy in the lake.

Fishing: Tourists interested in this recreational activity can go for fishing after on a permit and must fish in restricted areas some of the fish species found on lake Rukwa are; mud fish, tilapia and sardines this fish can be enjoyed as an evening meal at your respective lodge if you wish.

The best time of the year to visit Uwanda national park is during the dry season from June to October and then January and December.

Uwanda game reserve can be accessed by road or air. From Mbala airport to Sumbuwannga can take about  four to five hours by road, scheduled domestic flights can also be organized to Mbala the nearest airport.The park can also easily accessible via Katavi national park. From Usumbwanga via ufipa plateau, from Mbeya via chunya.

Accommodation at Uwanda game reserve will vary according to tourist’s choice some of the accommodation units found at the park are; New Mexican hotel, Mbeya hotel, Utengule hotel, hill view hotel, beaco resort, mount Livingstone and Mbeya peak hotel.

The best time for visiting is from March to October.

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