Mafia Island Marine Park

Mafia Island Marine Park is located in the Indian Ocean in Pwani region of Tanzania, the park covers an area of about 820 kilometers squared Mafia Island has got very high diversity and was established as a national park in 1996 with the help of non government organizations. It is a great Tanzania safari park to visit during your holidays in Tanzania.

Mafia Island was made a settlement during Kilwas time, Mafia has also got very rich history where by it was a stop destination for ships to stop for repairs and water, the population of mafia is said to be about 50,000 people scattered in the fishing villages in the island and other islands. Mafia Island also likes across the trade routes. Mafia Island forms an excellent marine ecosystem, hard and soft coralr algal dominated reefs, sheltered back reefs, extensive sea grass beds, intertidal hard and soft substrate, estuarine and mangrove in the whole world making it very rich in diversity.

Mafia Island Marine Park includes Rufiji river delta.

There are a number of activities tourists can engage in at Mafia Island Marine Park some of which can be seen below.

Tourists can engage in this recreational activity by obtaining a fishing permit there are various fish species at the ocean some of this include;

Mafia  island marine park has got various diving centers like the big blue which is well equipped with diving facilities with an on-site bar and restaurant they also offer diving safaris within the park after booking with them for well experienced divers. Big blu also offer diving courses to those who would love to learn.

Witnessing the baby turtles come of the shells and running to ocean is a thrilling nature experience you can’t forget this normally happens at Juani Island.

There are many area you can o snorkeling and explore sea life, you will be given the snorkeling equipment and an experienced tour guided who will help incase it’s your first time. The sea life under water is amazingly swarmed with different types and colors that will drop your mouth open.

Visit the Kua historical town ruins

The Kua historical town is an historical ancient town of that existed in the 10th century linking Asia and Africa, the Kua lagoon is also uniquely set up naturally beatified with jelly fish.

Chloe Island was once the capital of Mafia dating back from the 12thcentury. The town is very historical with a lot  ruins that have been over taken by nature like the prison with Arab and German influences the villages also have a lot to offer and the bats sleeping on the trees will make your tour complete.

Tourists can sail on the dhow a traditional Arab sailing ship filled with refreshments you might need.

Guided nature walks, this will expose tourists to whale watching they can often join the whales in the water and take great photos and videos.

The best time to visit the park is all year round however​, the dry season would be the best time.

Some of the accommodation units at Mafia Island are; Butiama beach lodge, Chloe mjini lodge, kinasi lodge, shamba kilole lodge and pole pole lodge. The park is 20 kilometers offshore and 120 kilometers from Dar- es Salam. There are various domestic flights operating from Tanzania main cities to Zanzibar.

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