Ibanda- Kyerwa national park

Ibanda- Kyerwa national park : In the western part of Tanzania in the Kagera region is where the paradise with the with beautiful rolling hills, valleys plains of acacia savannah and the basin dissected by the seasonal rivers and swaps the Ibanda-kyerwa national park is located.  It was established first as the game reserve in 1974 and later on the year 2019 it was officially designed and established as the national park.

Major attractions in Ibanda-Kyerwa national park

Abundance Wildlife

The Ibanda-kyerwa national park is the home of different wild animals that have inhabited here. Have a clear and the most beautiful sight of the animals and capture great pictures of the animals with the background of the sunset or beautiful sunrise.  The sight of the elands, impala, reedbuck, bushbucks cannot be missed as they are seen everywhere in this national park.  There are large herds of the large dramatic roan antelopes that have inhabited in this national park too.  Other wild animals that can be seen are like hippos which are found in the Kagera River, buffalos, and the predators such as the leopards, hyena and many others.

Ibanda- Kyerwa national park
wildlife in Kyerwa

The large Kagera River

The Kagera River is among the large rivers that are found in Tanzania, while this river acts as the boundary between Tanzania and Rwanda as well as the two national parks the Ibanda-Kyerwa national park of Tanzania and the Akagera national park in Rwanda.  The Kagera River is the source of water to this national park as well as the home of animals such as hippos, crocodiles and the perfect breeding site for different birds.

The savannah grassland

One among the big attraction of this national park is the beautiful savannah grassland with scattered trees. Most of the wildlife has inhabited in this savannah grassland and thus makes the animals viewing activities clearer and animals can be viewed even in a distant.

Activities to do while in Ibanda-Kyerwa national park

Walking safari

This is the most thrilling and amazing activity of walking through the savannah grassland and exploring the beauty of this national park on feet.  It’s a recreational activity and yet the most spectacular activity that you will not forget as you will get closer to the wildlife as well as the natural environment. While on the walking safari you will have the opportunity to see different animals such as elands, elephants, leopards, reedbucks and many other animals. 

Bird watching activity

The sight of the colorful birds and their lovely singing will not disappoint you; it’s the paradise for the bird lovers. Different bird species are can be sighted while on the walking safari or on while on the game drive through this national park.  birds such as African fish eagles, African Olive pigeon, augur buzzard bar-tailed trogon, beard vulture, peregrine, narina trogon and many more just to mention a few of them.

Game viewing activity

There is the most reliable savannah grassland with scattered trees, valleys as well as the hills that facilitate the easy game viewing activity. Most of the wild animals can be viewed even from a distance due to this nature of its landscape. The sights of the elephants, elands, leopards as well as the large herds of antelopes can be seen even from a distance.

The best time to visit the Ibanda-Kyerwa national park

The best time to visit his national park is during the month of June to October which is normally the dry season while the long rain season is from March to May and the short rain season is in the month of November to January. The wet season is perfect for bird watching activities while the dry season is perfect for game drives and nature walks.

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