Twin Lakes of Burera and Ruhondo

Lake Ruhondo and lake Burera are magnificent lakes but among the most neglected lakes in Musanze region of Rwanda near the gorilla trekking centre of Ruhengeri.they are situated on the scenic steep hills and splendid waterfalls, the locals use local fishing traditional methods on the lakes to survive. The waters are said to be about 180 meters deep.

Lake Ruhondo and Burera are one of the best tourist’s destinations while on a gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda. The lakes have got islands some of them are; Muhabura, Bushongo, Bishosho and Cuza. The glamourous lakes are surrounded by glorious hills perched with farmlands.The islands are separated by a 1 kilometer strip of land that’s said to be an accent lava flow of mount Sabinyo during the time it erupted.

There are various recreational tourists activities that can be carried out in the twin Lakes Ruhondo and Burera this are;

Rwanda is very rich with cultures and history, while visiting the two lakes tourists can get engaged in the day to day live of the locals by staying with a local family, while with the family you can decide to participate in the farm cores like digging and harvesting if you like or you can just watch the process.

Fishing at the twin lakes can be done with the islands Fisher men who have experience with the lakes and can give you more accurate information about the lake. While fishing you will be left wondering as you see children, women and men rowing their boats within the lake. Fishing is done using the local traditional methods this makes it more enjoyable.

Canoeing and boat cruises can be done in the lakes even if tourists don’t engage in any activity taking a boat trip is simply breathtaking with a packed lunch while observing the lakes Flora’s and fauna, the views are panoramic and one might think they are in Netherlands in Africa.

Bird watching can be done at the twin lakes more so in Ruhondo some of the birds seen here are; stalks, cranes, darters, Kingfishers, Cormorants and hammerkops to mention a few.

Nature walks can be taken to the spectacular waterfalls tapestried on the volcanic hills or to the waterfall with sweeping views connecting the two twin lakes.

Visiting the twin lakes of Ruhondo and Burera can be unforgettable experience in Africa after a gorilla trekking and golden monkey trekking experience in the virunga massif. The best place to have the best panoramic views of these lakes is at the Virunga Lodge.

There are various accommodation units in the twin lakes where tourists can stay in some of the lodges are; Ruhondo beach resort, Foyer de Charietie, Virunga lodge, ile de Cyuza campsite and many more .

The twin lakes can be visited all year round. The Lakes can be accessed from Rugarama in Musanze, Rugarama is about 4 kilometers from the lake shores.

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