Mount Sabyinyo

Mount Sabyinyo is one of the magnificent mountains in the Virunga volcanoes; it shares boarders of three countries which makes it more unique. Mount Sabyinyo is situated in between Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic republic of Congo. Climbing the mountain is very rewarding as you explore three countries just at once.

Mount Sabyinyo is also the hardest to climb among the virunga ranges, though hard to climb it offers breathtaking views of the panoramic virunga ranges at an angle of about 360°. The mountain derives it’s from a local word “irynyo” to mean “old man’s teeth”. This is so because the Sabyinyo mountain peak has got a shape that resembles worn teeth in a gum line.

Mount Sabyinyo stands on an elevation of about 3,645 meters above sea standing North West of the magnificent Lake Kivu.

Mount Sabyinyo offers a thrilling wilderness experience with mountain gorillas at its slopes, tourists can trek the world endangered mountain gorillas.

A part from mountain gorillas there are also higher chances of seeing other wildlife at the foothills of this splendid mountain, animals such as buffaloes, elephants, bush bucks and many more can be seen roaming about the mountain slopes.

While visiting this mountain, tourists can sleep in hotels and accommodation will vary according to which country you have hiked the mountain from. While at Mgahinga national park in Uganda you can sleep at Sabyinyo silver back lodge.

Mount Sabyinyo can be reached from Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo. The time it takes to travel will depend on the country you are in.

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