Kings Palace Museum

The king’s palace museum acts as a royal traditional home in Rwanda where visitors can enjoy Rwandan traditional dances and many more cultural activities, at the king’s palace museum tourists can trace the evolution of the Rwandese culture this site is very important for the people of Rwanda as well as foreigners who are interested in learning.

The King’s palace museum was built in 1989 it explains more about the properties that can be found in the king’s palace the museum gives history dating way back from the colonialists times in Rwanda. The museum was established and built with the help of the colonial Belgium government.

After building the king (Mwami) passed away before staying in there, it was built for King Mutara 111 Rudahigwa this explains why the museum is inform of a palace, the former king’s palace​ is also very near the museum though many of the properties were looted during the genocide, the palace is still worth a visit.

King Mutara was so famous with the colonialists in that they used to bring him gifts and readily welcomed them in a special way to Rwanda every time they came; he was also the first king to be converted into Catholicism in Rwanda

The king’s palace museum has been booted by introduction of cultural games; cultural arts and traditional dances where young people can compete and win prices this will help in encouraging them to always have passion for preserving their cultural values and also learn a lot during this time.

The King’s palace museum is one of the places you can visit while on a trip to Rwanda, the guides are very warm welcoming and exceptional and will definitely give you most of the information​you would love to know about the Rwandese culture.

The king’s palace museum has greatly helped in sustaining culture for the next up coming generations this is due to globalization and the upcoming of different cultures that have made the young people forget their origins and main cultural values. Tourists can also acquire sovenirs to take back home to their loved ones or for remembrance.

Some of the things they will explain to you are why the woman who looked after the king’s milk was never able to marry, why the Brewers hut has an entrance without a lid and more about the Rwandese renowned long horned cattle known as inyambo to mean “sacred cows”.

A part from visiting the King’s palace museum there are a variety of museums where you can continue your safari in exploring about the Rwandese history, some of the museums to visit are:

While visiting the museum and tourists opt to spend a night, there are various accommodation units ranging from mid range, budget and luxurious where you can spend a night in a comfortable room some of the hotels where to sleep include;

The king’s palace museum can be reached from Mwanza town its located north of Butare town Rwanda. The museum is on top of a hill south west which 2 kilometers from town.

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