Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda is a movie that was acted based on the Rwandan genocide occurrences, the genocide occurred in the year of 1994. This historical drama film was acted by British- South African and Italian people. The Hotel Rwanda drama was adapted from a screen play written by Terry and Kier Pearson.

Hotel Rwanda doesn’t fully tell the story of the Rwandan genocide when the Tutsi tribe was massacred by the Hutus and the whole world stood at a standstill, the drama film narrates the story of a hotel manager who managed to save 1,200 refugees in Hotel Des Milles Des Colins during the massive killings of 1994.

Hotel Rwanda stars Don Cheadel as a hotelier and Paul Rusesabagina and Sophie as his wife Tatiana, it was directed by Terry George and was Co produced by the lion’s gate films and United artists it’s been rated as African Schindler’s list. The film was distributed by united artists and MGM entertainment for home media.

In this thrilling drama, Paul is trying all possible ways to save his family his wife was a Tutsi the ones who were being murdered while he was from the Hutu tribe, many people died while others lived, his family was so much threatened. This man knew how to Saturday still and calm during this chaotic period. He mostly used deception; flattery, apology and bribery to make sure the lives of a thousand were saved.

Hotel Rwanda was nominated by multiple awards though it was limited on theatres because it was an independent film. It win awards from international film festivals of Toronto and Berlin, the academy award winning nominations nominated it for best supporting actress, best actor and best original screen play.

Some reviews critised the film that it was focusing on the Hut colonel and Paul Rusesabagina and there were complains that it would have depicted the whole genocide, the film directors corrected that a film can’t  based on a thousand murders, the film was based on a true story which Pearson heard from many genocide survivor’s when he visited Rwanda.

Several artists wrote songs that featured in the film, artists like Deborah Cox and Wycliffe Jean. Rupert Gregson- Williams, Afro Celt sound system and Andrea Guerra composed the film score, the original motion picture sound track was relised 11th January 2005 by commotion label.

The film earned $23million on a domestic ticket sales, a total of $34 million with additional $10million in business through international relise. There is a disc edition of the film featuring some documentaries, audio commentaries and selected scenes was relised in 2011 from the United States.

The Rwandan genocide was somewhat a result of tribal enemies being put on the same boundaries by their colonialists, for along time the Tutsi ruled and killed the Hutu but then the Hut took over and severely murdered the Tutsi with an aim of sweeping them off Rwanda.

Hotel Rwanda is a very interesting movie that will enlighten you with what happened in Rwanda in 1994 while the world just watched. You can watch it online or DVDs but visiting Rwanda will allow you explore more of its history concerning the genocide and you can end up your safari by visiting the endangered mountain gorillas to make your stay more memorable.

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