Watamu Marine Park

Watamu marine national park can be found in the northern coast of Kenya, it protects various marine habitats such as coral reefs, gardens, mudflats, sand, rock, beaches, gardens and Mangrove swamps. Watamu marine national park boasts with over  150 coral reefs and diverse marine life lives here about 50 species of fish can be found.

Watamu marine national park reefs are close to the ocean shores making them easily accessible for divers and snorkelers. The park was established in 1968 it’s about 140 kilometers north of Mombasa the water temperatures vary according to the months it’s always 20 degrees from June to November and 39 degrees December to may.

Watamu marine national park was also recognized internationally as an important​ biosphere by UNES O in 1979. Watamu Marine Park covers an area of 229 kilometers squared.

Activities at watamu marine national park

There are a lot of tourist activities to be done at the splendid marine park some of which include;

Experience marine life

Watamu marine national park has got a variety of marine life ranging from small fish to bigger some of the examples include; whale sharks, green sea turtles, angle fish, swordfish, spearfish, sailfish, Marlin, damsel fish, batfish, porcupine fish, wrasse fish, lion fish, crocodile fish, Octopus, drummer fish among others. The turtles are; green endangered turtle, hawksbill, leather back and olive ridley turtles.

Bird watching

Watamu marine national parks endowed with over bird species some of the examples of birds are; common bulbul, white brown coucal, speckled mouse bird, black kite, bright yellow canaries, lilac breasted roller, lizard buzzard, Ospreygolden palm Weaver’s and kingfishers among the rest. The best place for bird watching is at the Arabuko sokoke Forest and mida Creek.


Snorkeling is one of the main tourists activities, tourists can come close to marine life in very visible water


The park contains over 20 diving sites that can be easily accessed from the shore, a glass bottom boat is also available of you don’t want to get contact with water.


Tourists can take s boat canoe trip to one of the islands and enjoy a packed lunch.

Visit Gedi town ruins

For those interested in archeological sites there lie the old ruins of Gede town dating back to the 14 the century tourists can visit here and learn about it’s history


Tourists can also enjoy fishing though it can be limited during some seasons due to weather condions

When to visit

The best time to visit watamu national park is from July to October when it’s dry season the water is very clear and sun bathing at it’s peak. The best months for divers is from October to April, turtles Nestle from April to July.

Where to stay

Where to stay in watamu national park varies of the tourists budget but there are a variety of beach holiday hotels with luxurious treatment​ given to visitors someone the hotels include;

How to get there

Watamu Marine Park can be reached by road it’s approximately three hours drive from Tsavo national park and 120 kilometers north of Mombasa. The park can also be accessed by air an hour’s flight from Nairobi to Malindi.

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