Tsavo National Park (West & East)

Tsavo east national park boasts with the big five and other game roaming about the semi arid wilderness, the park contains along 300 kilometer long larva plateau known as Yatta also the longest in the world. Bird life here is abundant about five hundred species have been recorded.

Tsavo east national park is one of the largest and oldest park in Kenya, covering an area of 13,447 kilometers squared the park is located near Taita Taveta county near Voi town, the park is the overall division of Tsavo national park divided by a railway road making Tsavo east and west national parks. The park is named after a Tsavo river which flows through the park.

Tsavo east national park was established in 1948 but before the are was gazetted, it was home to mane less lions in 1898 this lions repeatedly killed over 1000 workers who were working on the Kenyan Uganda railway, the park is 173 kilometers from Mombasa and 333 from Nairobi

Tsavo east national park is covered with grasslands, thorny bushes, and swampy marshlands.

Game viewing Tsavo national park is endowed with different animals like lions, leopards, buffalos, rhinos, lesser kudu, waterbucks, gerenuk, aardwolf, elands eared fox, springhare, greatergalago, bats, baboons, bushbucks, and most commonly seen large herds of elephants. The game drives are always conducted from morning to evening daily. There is a rock within the park known as mudanda rock 1.6 Isenberg that supplies a water dam below and many animals can be seen here especially during dry season.

Bird watching

Birds in the park are migratory and resident birds and 500 species have been recorded including; black headed lapwing, black faced sand grouse, Fischer’s starlings, golden pipit, lesser krestel, African finfoot, African orange bellied parrot, ostriches, martial eagle,gawshawks, yellow bishops, rufous chatterer, Somali bee eater, Somali golden breasted bunting, Taita fiscal and Taita falcon to mention a few. The best time for bird watching is from November to April when migratory birds are present.

Visit Aruba dam

Aruba dam is also a good place for a mixed safari of birds and animals it was constructed in 1952.


Tourists can experience the wilderness by hiking up to the laggard water fall named after Fredrick laggardit’s such a beautiful place to be in and just marvel at nature.

Visit Yatta plateau

The Yatta plateau is also one of the main tourist’s attractions as it’s the longest larva flow in the world; it was formed from the larva of El Donyo Sabuk Mountain and flows in 300 kilometers.

Guided nature walks

Guided nature walks can be conducted along the Galana River rewarding you with nature

Tsavo national park can be visited though out the year but better wild life viewing occurs during June to October and birding from November to April.

Tsavo east national park ranges in accommodation from camping to luxurious hotels some of the accommodation sectors that will provide you with comfortable stay include: Voi wildlife lodge,

Voi safari lodge, Finch Hatton’s camp, galdessa bush camp, lions bluff lodge, man eaters camp, severin camp Tsavo, satao  camp Tsavo, sarova salt lick lodge, kulafumbi house Tsavo, red elephant safari lodge, and Kiboko camp Tsavo to mention a few.

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