Tana River Primate Reserve

Tana River primate reserve is situated in Bohoni town in the coastal area of Kenyacharacterized by woodlands, Savannah grasslands andriparianforests. It was established to create for some of the world’s endangered inhabitants that that live within the reserve.

Tana River primate national reserve is crossed by one of the largest rivers of Kenya River Tana, the river is one of the main sources of life in most parts of the country streamlined with rainforests and dramatic water falls before flowing into the Indian Ocean.

Tana river primate reserve covers 170 kilometers squared and was funded by the World bank  globalenvironment facility from 1996-2001, farmers were also relocated to the coastal town of Kipini about 250 families In the year 2005.

Tana River primate national reserve was established in 1976 to protect the endangered species of the two species of monkeys crested Mangebay and the red colobus monkey. However, the reserve only existed in Kenya up to 2007 when it was disestablished by high court claiming that the reserve had not been fully established according to the Kenyan law.

The Tana River primate reserve boasts with 260 bird species, 57 mammal species, over 275 Woody plant species

Attractions at Tana River primate reserve


Tana river primate reserve is home to many wildlife species such as hartebeest on the Eastern banks, Mangebay, red tailed colobus monkey, hippos, buffalos, Nile crocodiles, zebras, Masai giraffes, Oryx, lesser kudu, pythons, Sykes monkey and yellow baboons among the rest.


Tana River primate reserve is blessed with over 200 species of birds some of the examples of the birds found here are; African open billed stork, bat hawk, golden pipit, pygmy falcon, African barren owlet, glossy starling, white winged apalis, open billed stork, scaly babbler, red tailed ant thrush, black bellied starling and martial eagle among the rest.

White water rafting

Water rafting is one of the main tourists activities at Tana river, there are boats for hire to be used with life jackets within the reserve training can also be done for amateurs in rafting the duration of rafting will depend on water levels. The best time for his is from April to July and from November to January.

Ferry crossing

The ferry crossing at the last bridge of the river known as Garsen is truly an adventure crossing to the 50 kilometers riverine belt of dramatic wildlife and birds from the western banks to the forests.

Bungee jumping


Where to stay

There are a number of places where to stay from ranging from camping to luxurious hotels some of the accommodation units are; peponi hotel, Manda bay, Tana Delta camp, the majlis hotel and Kipungani explorer among the rest.

Best time

The reserve can be visited throughout the year

How to get there

The reserve is approximately located 350 kilometers from Nairobi and 240 kilometers from Mombasa, chattered flights can be arranged from Malindi or Mombasa.

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