Sibiloi National Park

Sibiloi national park also known as cradle of mankind is a spectacular national park covering 1570 kilometers squared of magnificent landscape sceneries, the park is very important has it has got some of the worlds oldest remains of mankind. It’s in the North Eastern shore of Lake Turkana which the largest desert lake in the world.

The park boasts with significant plant, animal and plant species while the flora formed of desert roses, omophoriawoodlands, sand rivers, and sand stone out crooks andEurophobia grasslands. Mount sibiloi stands 1700 meters above sea level, sibiloi national park is one of not commonly recognized but offers thrilling wilderness experience it’s the best destination for those who want to explore the real wild not crowded with many visitors.

The landscape is very beautiful made up of dry Savannah, a lake shore, riverine forest and volcanic terrain. The park has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1997 the remains of Petrified Forest can be found at Mount sibiloi.

Sibiloi national park was established in 1973 and was named after Mount sibiloi

Activities at the park

Visit the Koobi for a museum

The Koobi for a museum boasts with Australophecus  and homo fossils that explain the evolution of mankind than any other site in the continent, the discovery of fossils is evidence that humans and orehumans we’re present two million years ago. There is also an elephant fossil dating 1.7 million years ago as well as a giant tortoise of 1.6 million years ago.

Game Drives

Tourists can go for game drives to the semi arid land and come across stripped hyenas, gazelles, leopards, lions, Oryx’s, greater kudus, jackals, titiancrocodiles to mention a few. The karsa water hole will provide you with uninterrupted views of game

Bird Watching

Sibiloi national park boasts with over 350 bird species aquatic and terrestrial some of which are residential and others migratory birds examples of the birds to be seen include; pelicans, African skimmers, Huggins bustard, crested lark, ducks and flamingoes o mention a few.

Cultural experience

Experience the unique African culture by visiting the Dassanach, gabra and the nomadic turkanaall this different tribes have different cultural values and experiences to offer from the ways of lives and how they live in their communities.

Visit Lake Turkana

Lake Turkana is the world largest desert lake and normally changes colors from blue to grey and green due to algae growth, it’s advisable to take stripped here and see water birds and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Nature guided walks

Nature guided walks can be taken to petrified Forest, jarigole pillars and Kobi for a spit for unique experiences.

Visit lake Turkana island

The island is what you can add to your safari it’s got three lakes within it’s adorable to see a lake on a lake it’s also endowed with giant Nile crocodiles and is the highest crocodiles concentration the whole world.

Accommodation is in two lodges providing comfortable stay that is Lobolo tented camp and Oasis lodge, others lodges are outside the park like Allia bay guest house

The park can be visited all year round as it is very hot and dry.

How to get there

The park can be accessed by road or air. Its 800 kilometers from Nairobi the park has two airstrips.

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