Saiwa Swamp National Park

Saiwa swamp national parks one of Kenya’s smallest national parks covering an area of 3 kilometers squared, its home to endangered species of animals such as the De brazza monkey and Sitatunga antelope. The park covers an area of 3 kilometers squared, it’s located on the northern side of kitale town the park boasts with various wildlife and over 370 species of birds

Saiwa swamp national park is enclosed by subsistence farming settlement the park was established in 1974 the vegetation is covered in forest and swamp habitat with tall bushes and reeds along the marshy age, the tree platforms provided magnificent views of the Sitatunga antelopes within the swamp.

The park is filled with exotic flowers, birds and trees.

What to see at Saiwa swamp national park

Game viewing

The swamp has a mixture of animals like bushbucks, water bucks, otters, Genet cats, white colobus monkey, black colobus monkey, mongoose, De Brazza monkey, giant forested squirrel, grey duiker andSitatunga antelopes among the rest.

Bird watching

The park boasts with over 370 bird species some o which include; grey heron, African black duck, orange tufted sunbird, Hartlaubs Marsh widow bird, lesser jacana,  Narina trogons, lesser jacana, collared sunbird, blue headed coucal brown throated wattle eye, double toothed barbet, eastern plantain eater, grey headed nigrita, grey headed francolin, joyful greenbul, swamp fly catcher, snowy crowned Robin chat, African  fish eagle, and Ross’s turaco a binocular is highly recommend

Nature guided walks

Tourists can take nature guided walks along the trees with a cool canopy while bird watching and viewing game, plant species and many more.

The best time to visit Saiwa swamp national park can be all year round the climate is very favorable and game can be viewed anytime

Where to stay

Saiwa swamp national park has got accommodation units like sirkwa tented camp, tree top hotel others accommodation units can be found at the kitale town like Muremba retreat kitale, aturukan, and many more depending in tourists choice and budget or where your tour operator booked.

How to get there

The park is acceptable from kitale town by road there’s also an airstrip that’s 22 kilometers from kitale. The park has one entrance sinyerere gate it’s approximately 22 kilometers from kitale town.


Tourists interested in spending a night can carry their camping equipment with camping in facilities have got bathroom, toilet and kitchen facilities.


Saiwa national park is one of the best places to go for a picnic lunch; tourists can enjoy their lunch at one of the picnic sites with un interrupted views of roaming antelopes and primates.

When visiting the park you will be require to come along with binoculars, a hat, drinking water, camera, sunglasses, and sunscreen and guide books.

The park has got footpaths and duckboards along side observation towers where you have more spectacular views the locals are actively involved in the parks protection.

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