Rimoi National Reserve

Rimoi national reserve is a small reserve in Kenya covering an area of 66 kilometers squared adjacent to Lake Kilmarnock at the rift valley province, it’s one of the spectator protected area of the Kerio valley with very rich biodiversity and panoramic landscapesthe reserve is a bit remote but never the less gives you unforgettable adventure and a four wheel drive might be needed during rainy season.

Elgeyo Makakwet County it’s renowned for it large herds of elephants some of this come from as far as Turkana and Samburu to breed in here, the reserve is also a border haven with many different species

Rimoi national reserve covers an area of 66 kilometers squared, though small it’s a great gem within Kenya. The Rimoi elephants move in larger groups of about 100 compared to other elephants that move in small groups of even 5.

The Rimoi national reserve is neighbored by homes of a special tribe in Kenya known as athletes especially runners the Kalenjin tribe. The reserve was re opened on 8th of March 2016

Activities at Rimoi national reserve

Game viewing

Though renowned for it’s large herds of elephants, other small mammals and animals ca also be seen at the reserve some of which are; bush pigs, warthogs, Dik Dik, pangolins, Genet, impalas, monkeys snakes, tortoise agama and  porpines among the rest.


There are numerous campsites within and out of the park where tourists can pitch their tents and wake up to the chattering of birds in the wilderness, tents and other camping facilities are also available for hire.

Nature guided walks

There are some walking trails within the park where tourists can adventure wildlife, birds ad tree species or to the dry Kilmarnock lake. Tourists should not engage to this activity alone without an armed ranger as the elephants tend to be very wild. Walks can be taken to the old campsites.


Birding can be done at Rimoi reserves endowed with many bird species from turacos, honey guides, pigeons, sunbirds, Weaver’s and hornbills some of this are migratory birds while others residential the best place to engage in this activity is in the Lake Tabar.

Visit Cheptarit hill

For tourists who enjoy the beauty of nature, they can hike up to the Cheptarit hill where you can have mouth dropping views of the valley alongside beautiful hot springs, the place is also very rich in culture and history.

Visit the Chebloch Gorge

Trek the Highland forests

How to get there

Rimoi national reserve can be accessed by road or air. It’s approximately 5-6 hours drive from Nairobi covering a distance of about 300 kilometers and 40 kilometers from Eldoret town, the reserve can be accessed by air through an airstrip at Eldoret.

Where to stay

There is a wide range if places where tourists can stay within and outside the reserve ranging from camping to luxurious hotels some the hotels where to sleep are; Samich resort, Sego safari lodge, Too guest house, koiklebel homestay,  Elgeyo sawmills guest houses and lelin campsites and bandas among the rest.

Best time to visit

The reserve can be visited all year round.

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