Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park

Perched on the Ol Donyo Sabuk Mountains, the indigenous park is found in central Kenya, covering 21 kilometers squared the mountain peak is 2145 meters above sea level. The park derives it’s ne from Maa language Ok Donyo sabuk to mean Big mountain while the kikuyus have called it Kilims Mbogo to mean mountain of buffalos.

The park is located 85 kilometers north east of Nairobi, 25 kilometers east of Thika town in the eastern province at Machakos district, the mountain is covered by dense montane forest with foot hills dominated by buffalos. The panoramic park is home to over 45 species of birds while mountain summit offers excellent views of Mount Kenya.

The first white man to settle at the park was Lord Macmillan everything that happened after his settlement was a result of his influence, when driving to the park tourists will pass through panoramic fourteen beautifully set water falls.

Near the base of the mountain foot lies a musical town known as Donyo sabuk town, this town still retains some of Lord Macmillan treasurous things. Tourists can enjoy music from the box guitars played by boy band groups

What to do at Ol Donyo sabuk national park

Game viewing

The park is one of Kenya’s national park gifted with wildlife for example buffalos, lions, leopards, mongoose monkey, olive baboons, vervet monkey, Sykes monkey, bush pig, Kirk’s DikDik, common duiker, reedbucks, rock hyrax, bush baby, tree squirrel, ground squirrel and many more

Bird watching

Ol Donyo sabuk national park boasts with 45 species of birds some of which include; morning dove, white browed Sparrow Weaver, grey headed Sparrow Weaver, African hawk eagle, purple breasted sunbird, African pied wagtail, helmeted guinea fowl, ring ne ked dove, grey tit, mouse bird, MacKinnon grey shrike, superb  starlings and more


Hiking in the mountain normally takes about two to three hours getting to the peak covers 10 kilometers, hikers are required to be accompanied by a game ranger the flora to the too is un spoiltthere also lies two kilometers Lord Macmillanand his wife’s grave

Nature guided walks

Tourists can take nature walks to the fourteen waterfalls on Athi river affordable fee to the falls is charged by the Thika town council.


There are various places where to stay depending on tourists’ budget some of this are jobcsamo house, sabuk guest house, mirema service apartments, safari park hotel and casino, Bethany garden house, balozi home stay and Windsor golf hotel.

Getting there

The parks entrance is about 2 Kilometers from the parks gate, 85 kilometers north east of Nairobi town.

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