Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary

The Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary is situated in Kwale county in Kenya situated next to Shimba hills reserve covering an area of 36 kilometers squared with a forest situated inside the sanctuary what attracts most of the visitors to this sanctuary is one of the big five animals the bull elephant. The sanctuary is community owned conservation with some locals owning stake holders.

Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary is mainlycharacterized by steep ridges, rugged hills, water shades, forests, and the Indianocean andcliffs. The elephants mostly use this area as a migrating route from Shimba hills to Tsavo national Game Park.

The locals surrounding the sanctuary have had their life’s improved through money generated from tourists by the sanctuary, bee keeping in the Mwaluganje forest and making paper from elephant dung, the Mwaluganje forest boasts with some of the worlds oldest species of trees dating back to over 300 million years ago.

Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary has got many attractions​ to be seen includingCha Shimba River valley, “ God’s Bridge, and Time Rock” . The reserve was established in the year 1993, the Pact Inc., East Africa wildlife society, born free foundation and Eden wildlife have in turn helped the community in sustaining the sanctuary for future generations.

The reserve has got water ways under beautiful trees.

Things to do at Mwaluganje forest reserve

Game viewing

Mwaluganje forest reserve is said to be having over 150 elephants making it a destination for the big five lovers, elephants are always seen in large herds migrating to Shimba hills from Mwaluganje during the rainy season. A part from elephants, tourists can also experience other wildlife such as;

Cultural experience

Tourists can explore the land of the Digo and Duruma people and learn many things about how they live, the history of the forest and may more.

Nature guided walks

Tourists can take nature guided walks within the sanctuary especially in the forests, Time Rock or God’s bridge and have higher chances of seeing many primates, birds and plant species.

Explore plant species

The Mwaluganje sanctuary is endowed with some plant species which you might not find elsewhere in Kenya and some are said to be over 300 years.

Bird watching

Where to stay

Tourists at Mwaluganje national reserve can choose from a variety of options where to sleep, some of the accommodation sectors are; Ocean village club, Shimba hills lodge, Shimba hills green safari lodge, the villa luxury suites, stilts backpackers and water lovers beach resort.

How to get there

The reserve is 45 kilometers from Mombasa, tourists can fly in to Mombasa or travel by road from Nairobi, it’s always best to combine your safari to the sanctuary with Shimba hills reserve or Tsavo national park.

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