Mount Meru National Reserve

Mount Meru national park is located Eastern​province of Kenya east of Meru350 kilometers from Nairobi,  the park is characterized by rivers, swamps, grasslands​ and luxurious jungle. The atmosphere is very remote and un spoilt wilderness covered with wildlife including the big five and over 400 species and outstanding landscapes

The park stands at the equator and is bisected by 13 rivers, it’s a setting for Joy Adamson’s book “ Born free” that was later made into a film, it also offers magnificent views of mount Kenya, the park receives Rai fall from 635mm to 762mm per year on the on the western side while 305 to 356 on the east resulting to talk grass and larkswamps.

Mount Meru was established in 1966 the park has greatly been poached until the between 2000 and 2005 when the Kenyan wildlife service and international animals welfare fund restored it from ruins, the reserve is now one of those places you should never miss when touring Kenya.

Activities at Mount Meru national park

Wildlife viewing

Mount Meru national park boats with a wide range of animals such as; leopards, cheetahs, lions, black and white rhinoceros, zebras, hippos, bush bucks, reticulated giraffe,lesser kudu, duiker, Oryx, Dik Dik, hartebeests, buffalos, cobras, Python, puff udder and reedbucks to mention a few. The park has got a lot gaming tracks where you can view the game.

Bird watching

Mount Meru boasts with over 450 species of birds, bit residential and migratory birds alike, pels fishing owl, kingfishers, rollers, Weaver’s, starlings, bee eater, sunbirds, red necked falcon, heuglins coarser, ostriches, hornbill,  brown backed wood pecker, sun birds Peter’s fin foot among the rest. The best time for this activity is from dawn to 6 am and evening hours.

Cultural experience

Tourists to Africa must always visit the people and get entertainment from the local dancing traditional groups, African has got many unique tribes with different ways of living listening to the myths they have about the parks is awesome to listen to when narrated and translates by the guide.

Nature guided walks

Tourists can take nature guided walks and see a lot od wildlife and birds.

Where to stay

Mount Meru national park has got a range of accommodation units where to stay will depend on tourist’s budget some of the accommodation units include; rhino river camp, off beat river camp, ikweta safari camp, leopard rock lodge and Elsa’s kopje lodge among the rest.

The best time to visit the park can all year round but June to October and January to March is the best 5ime when the vegetation is not thick and the grass is shorter.

How to get there

The park is 348 kilometers from Nairobi via Nyeri- Nanyuki road or via Embu- Meru road.

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