Mount Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot national park is situated in the great rift valley of Kenya located south east of lake Naivasha the last eruption is said to have occurred in the mid 1860s. It’s characterized by crater lakes and volcanic ranges, Mount Longonot national park derives its names from a local Maa language from the word Oloonong ‘ot, meaning “Mountain of many Spurs” or “steep ridges”

Mount Longonot national park is one of Kenya’s greatest gems; the distinct rim of the mountain enclosed a large forested caldera habituating various wildlife. The mountain peak provide panoramic views of the great east Africa​ rift valley to the vast ends of the magnificent lake Naivasha giving breathtaking views it’s considered to be a young dormant volcano

Mount Longonot national park was established in

Activities at Mount Longonot national park

Rock climbing

Rock climbing can be done at Mount Longonot national park at the walls of the crater tourists must move with an experienced tour guide, it’s advisable not to do this during the rainy season as the rocks can be slippery.


There is a cycling route that leads to the volcanic lava flow, this can be enjoyed by mountain bikers who wouldn’t love to hike this is about two kilometers and bikes are also available for hire.


Hiking is the main tourist activity at Longonot it’s  thrilling as the hike takes you up to the volcanic tomorrow from the parks gate is about three kilometers to the rim the time always depend on the hikers fitness but normally take two to three hours tourists can enroute a walk around the caldera while at the top, tourists are always advised to come along with all the equipment’s needed for hiking

Wild life viewing

Mount Longonot national park wildlife is hidden in the dense forested caldera and might not be easy to glimpse at, some of the wildlife you can spot are; buffalos, antelopes, baboons, zebras and many monkeys species while climbing to the top

Bird watching

Bird watching can be done at any area of the park, the birds always seen are Lammergeyerand verreaux eagle among other birds

Where to stay

While at Mount Longonot national park, the only accommodation unit is located near the park gates it’s called Olongonot campsite other accommodation units are located outside the park premises the camping site has bathroom, toilet and other basic facilities you may require. Other accommodation units that provide accommodation are; lake Naivasha so lodge, lake Naivasha, lake Naivasha panorama park,  country club, Masada hotel, andEminipasha lodge.

How to get there

The park can be accessed by road using a private or hired car it can be accessed from Nairobi within one and half hours or even an hour depending on the jam

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