Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya national park is s fascinating national park in Kenya covering about 715 kilometers squared; the mountain is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest after Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. One unique thing about the magnificent mountain is that it’s the only snowcapped mountain that straddles the equator.

Mount Kenya national park climate is subtropical, the rains fall from March to may and October to December the mountain is 5199 meters above sea level it’s Said to have risen up to have risen up to 6500 meters in the ancient times. The mountain boasts with twelve beautifully set glaciers and four splendid peaks

The park is characterized by lakes, tarns, glaciers, dense forests, mineral springs montaneforests and home to various animals some endemic to this area. Mount Kenya national park boasts with over 130 species of birds, the mountain is one of the most iconic landmarks in Africa as you climb the mountain you will experience the transition of vegetation from semi arid lands at the foot hills to the glaciers at the peak.

Mount Kenya national park was established in 1949 and it’s also recognized internationally by UNESCO as a world heritage site (1997) and biosphere reserve (1978).Mount Kenya lies on the traditional migrating route of African elephants it’s about 480 kilometers from the coast. Mount Kenya has also been considered as a holy mountain by the Meru and kikuyu people who surround it , they get herbs for traditional healing from this ancient mountain.

The park was established to protect the mountain, wildlife and the surrounding area.

Activities at Mount Kenya national park

Game viewing

Apart from lieng  on the traditional route for migrating elephants, Mount Kenya national park boasts with diverse wildlife some of which can be named such as; mole rat water bucks, white tailed mongoose, tree hyrax, black fronted duiker, bush bucks, elands and suni other animals like Lions, leopards, giant forest hogs and hyenas can also be seen occasionally.

Bird watching

The birds in the park recorded are over 130 species some are endemic to this area others are migratory birds examples of birds found here are; Abyssinian long eared owl, Ayres hawk eagle, Rupells Robbin chat, scaly francolin, Lammergeyer, verreaux eagle, Augur Buzzard ad many others


The panoramic landscape with flora and fauna draw people to discover Mount Kenya on a hike, there are several trekking routes to choose from all providing breathtaking sceneries and a wilderness adventure on the way up, Lenana is it’s highest peak that can be reached even by amateur climbers. Accommodation at the stop points is offered in huts and tents, the others peaks are Nelion and Batian, one of the best routes to use is Chogoria offering amazing views of Lake Michaelson.


It’s so amazing to stop over and fish at the mountain, the streams and tarns you can across have different fish species you can engage in this activity.

Nature guided walks

Nature guided walks can be done at the montane forests there are variety of birds and wildlife including primates like white and black colobus monkey, Sykes monkey and many more.

Best time to visit

Mount Kenya national park weather is favorable and can be visited any time of the year but December to march is the best time to explore.

Where to stay

There are a number of places where to stay some of which are: Fairmont Mount Kenya safari club, Serena Mountain Lodge,

How to get there

Mount Kenya national park can be accessed by air through Nanyuki airport which is nearby, the park is 175 kilometers from the city approximately two hours drive from Nairobi.There are two routes from Nairobi via Embu- Meru road and Nanyuki isiolo road.

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