Mount Elgon National Park Kenya

Mount Elgon national park boasts with the magnificent mountain Elgon that is the forth highest mountain in Africa, its boarding Uganda and Kenya covering 4,321 meters above sea level, the Kenyan part of the park covers only 169 kilometers squared. Mount Elgon is reknowned for its lava tube caves frequented by elephants.

Mount Elgon national park is characterized by a crater, tarns, lava caves, streams, forests and valleys. The park is named after Mount Elgon an extinct shield volcano, it’s a water catchment for two rivers Nzoia and Turkwel, The Nzoia flows to lake Victoria and Turkwel flows to lake Turkana. The park is home to numerous animals and over 240 bird species.

Mount Elgon national park is located north east of lake Victoria it boasts with a surface area of 50 to 80 kilometers which is the largest in the world, it’s believed​ to have erupted about 24 million years ago. It’s also the largest and the oldest volcanic mountain in east Africa. Mount Elgon national park has also been recognized internationally as a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The park was established in 1968.

Activities at Mount Elgon national park


Mount Elgon national park is endowed with over 240 species of birds some of this are; White chinned prinia, chubbs Cisticola, Ludhers bush shrike, African blue fly catcher, Banglafecht Weaver, African goshawk, chin spot batis, Doherty, MacKinnon’s fiscal, Tacazze birds, Lammergeyer, Jackson’s francolin, cinnamon chested bee eater, eastern bronzed napped pigeon, red headed parrot and Hartlaubs turaco to mention a few


Tourists can hike the mountain and come across a large number of plant species, birds, insects, gorges, enormous caves, waterfalls, andwildlife. There hiking trails take you through the elephant bluff, enormous caves and beautiful sceneries. Climbing to the top will depend on the hikers pace and fitness

Game viewing

Mount Elgon national park also boasts with various wildlife such as giant forest hogs, waterbucks, elephants, buffalos, hyenas, bush buck, antelopes, blue monkey,

Nature guided walks

Tourists can explore the montane forests on foot and come across birds, small mammals, over 100 tree species, flowers and enjoy panoramic views of the vast lands.


Visit elephant caves

There are four elephant caves where elephants can be observed, they always go to the caves to scratch the salt lick deposits This caves can be named at Kitum, Ngwarisha,Mikingenyi and Chepnyalil the longest extending up to 200 meters

Where to stay

The accommodation sectors in the park is in Banda’s, Mount Elgon lodge and other public campsites, the campsites have bathrooms, toilets and kitchen other basic facilities you might need.

How to get there

Mount Elgon national park can be reached by road transport or by air, there is an airstrip at the parks headwaters. The gates at the are; Kiptogot, Chorlim, Kimoton and Kassawai.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the park is in the dry seasons however even the wet season is not bad but the caves can become slippery and rainfall might distract your hike.

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