Malindi Marine National Park

Malindi marine national park is situated 118 kilometers north of Mombasa; it’s said to be the oldest marine national park in Africa. The park is a perfect weekend gateway holiday it’s gifted with spectacular coral reefs, grass beds, mudflats, mangroves, coral lagoon gardens and fringing reefs.

Malindi marine national park covers 6 kilometers squared together with a join reserve covering 213 kilometers squared. The park is also endowed with 200 species of benthic algae, 600 fish species, over 135 types of gastropods and about 12 species of echinoids.

Malindi marine national park was established in 1968 it’s also been recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve in 1979.

View marine life

The park is blessed with a lot of marine life to explore some of them include; crabs, jelly fish, sea cucumbers, sea stars, sea urchins, and corals

Bird watching

Bird enthusiasts at Malindi national park also have their potion to explore, tourists can visit the salt water lagoon known as Mida Greek endowed birds it’s 20 kilometers from Malindi the board walk guided tour from here will take you through to a variety of birdlife some of which are; bridled terns and roseate to mention a few.


Tourists can enjoy a fabulous marine adventure by getting a boat t the offshore coral formation with clear waters the snorkeling gears are also available at the park for rental. The best time for snorkeling is two hours on either side on the low tide

Scuba dive

One of the most common activities at the park is scuba diving, most diving sites are located about 15 to 25 minutes offshore by boat, some having maximum height of about meters favouring beginners. Diving lessons are available at all sites and equipment’s are available for hire.

Sun bathing

For tourists who are not accustomed to the water activities, they can just relax and enjoy the sun setting from the beach and the cool breeze of the Indian ocean.

Water spots

There are a lot of water activities to be done including; surfing, para sailing, water skiing, jet skiing and kite surfing to be enjoyed.


Fishing is very limited at the island but can be done at the reserve, Malindi was once recognized as a gaming destination in 1934 by Hemingway. Fishing gears are available and the ocean is rich with various fish species.

Guided nature walk.

Bird enthusiasts can go on bird watching at Arabuko forest and feel the breeze if the coastal forests endowed with birds and animals.There also lie the old ruins of Gedi a Swahili city dating back to the 13thcentury.

Visit the Malindi museum


Boat rides

Malindi marine national park can be visited all year round it always feel summer time in the dry seasons.

Malindi national park can be accessed by road to the Indian ocean coastline, the Malindi airport is accessible by air.

Some of the places to stay are; driftwood beach club, ocean Beach resort, Sandies coconut village, lion in the sun resort, diamonds dream of Africa, Scorpio Vilas, and Che shale to mention a few.

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