Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

Kisumu impala sanctuary was established to protect the impalas from unnecessary poaching, the park is situated in Nyanza province – Kisumu, the sanctuary boats with the big four except the elephant and over 115 species of birds, the plains are a good grazing area for hippos from the lake.

Kisumu impala sanctuary covers an area of less than 1 kilometer squared branded with various trail walk where you can explore the impalas down to lake side, there is a boat riding race held every November to create awareness to the local community about the protection of impalas.

Kisumu impala sanctuary was gazetted in 1992, before its establishment Kisumu sanctuary was teamed up with plains of wildlife that roamed about the vast grasslands but the building of the east African railway led to human settlement hence heavy poaching.

The Kisumu Impala sanctuary has also been extended to the animal orphanages that protect several animals mostly the Sitatunga antelopes. The sanctuary is also commonly known as a Lakeshore walk with impalas.

Activities at Kisumu Impala sanctuary

Game watching

Apart from impalas, there are a lot of animals to be seen in the sanctuary some of this animals are; Hippos, hyenas, jackals, vervet monkey, hartebeest, white rhino, leopards, red tailed mongoose, ostriches, zebras, duikers, bush backs, cheetahs, lions, buffalos, baboons, hippos, Sitatunga antelopes and Guinea fowls among others. The dangerous animals are caged at the animal orphanage.


Kisumu sanctuary reserve boasts with over 115 species of birds some are migratory and while others being residential some of the birds to see are;


Tourists can enjoy picnics at the sanctuary at several picnic sites and have a wilderness experience the sites can also be used as wedding reception, cooperate events and other functions. The picnic site are five in number namely; Impala, baboons, fig tree, Albizia and sun set.


For tourists who would love to sleep close to the wild can opt for a camping safari there are private and public campsites providing tourists with all the necessary basic needs like state lodge campsite  whichgives great  opportunities enjoy their adventure while being awakened by the chattering birds of the wild.

Where to stay

There are a variety of accommodation units where tourists can stay in, example of some hotels are: whirlspring hotel, Twiga sanctuary guest house, park view safari hotel, sovereign hotel, sun set hotel, the Clarice house, triple Trojan hotel, Kiboko bay resort, shalom hotel and imperial hotel Kisumu. Where to sleep will vary on tourists budget and choice.

How to get there

Kisumu Impala sanctuary can be accessed by road, air and water transport. By road, it is 355 kilometers north of Nairobi and 3 kilometers from Kisumu town. Kisumu Impala sanctuary can be accessed by water through a ferry from Mbita bay, Home bay and Kendu bay, for tourists interested in using air transport, they can reach Kisumu Impala sanctuary by domestic chattered flights to Kisumu this takes about an hour.

Best time to visit

Kisumu sanctuary can be visited all year round as it’s very accessible and passable, its one of those places you can go for a day trip and explore the wild in hours.

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