Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park & Reserve

Kisite mpunnguti marine national park is a beautiful marine park located at the southern coast of Kenya at Kawale. It was established to protect the marine endemic animals, it covers an area of 39 kilometers squared comprised of four beautiful islands.

Kisite Mpunnguti Island is one of the best coastal areas to do snorkeling; the island comprises of over 250 species of fish, about 200 sea turtles, 56 coral species, 70 resident dolphins


Viewing marine life

There is a lot of marine life to be seen at the park some of which include; morays, angle fish, butterfly fish, puffer fish, snappers, hawksbill turtles, dolphins, humpback whales, whale snacks, damselfish, Ray’s, groupers, triggerfish and parrot fish among the rest.

Bird watching

Bird watching at Kisite Mpunnguti national park is best done at the park during rainy seasons when migratory birds from North Africa and Europe are common while the residential birds are breeding there are so of aquatic birds to be seen.


There are over 200 species of fish found on the Kisite Mpunguti Island, deep sea fishing can be conducted and the fishing equipment’s can be hired.


Tourists can experience the Marine life by going for snorkeling there is variety to be seen at the clear Indian Ocean waters.

Sun bathing

Tourists can do sun bathing at the sun worshipped beaches of the mag coastal area with spectacular views of the ocean shores.

Guided walks

To complement your stay in Kenya, tourists can beach walks at the shores and come across Marine life like turtles.


There are lots of diving sites available and diving lessons are also provided for those who would love to learn.

Boat ride

To have a more better experience of the ocean, tourists can go for boat riding with a packed lunch box to enjoy while watching Marines life.


Best time to visit Kisite Mpunguti national park is in the dry season when the waters are more clear for better views of Marine life and snorkeling.

The best time to visit the national park is during the dry seasons

Where to stay

There are various lodges like Mpunguti campsite, blue monkey beach cottages, wasini island guest house, Shimoni reef lodge, Betty’s camp and Chobus campsite among the rest

How to get there

The place is located in Kwale at coastal province, it’s 8 kilometers north of Tanzania boarder and 11 kilometers off the mainland, the distance from Nairobi is about 500 kilometers and 90 kilometers from Mombasa. The park can be accessed by boat from main land.

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