Odzala National Park

Odzala national park is situated in the rain forests  of Congo near the Gabon border north west of the country, it’s  endowed with western low land gorillas numbering to 22,000, over 100 mammal species andabout 450 species​ of birds among other primates. Odzala national park is one of Africas oldest national parks established in 1935 during the French colonial rule in Congo.

The park covers an area of about 13,500 kilometers squared of panoramic landscape of the wolrds second largest rainforest found in Mbomo Cuvette-ouestregion, it’s estimated that 80% of the worlds left chimpanzees stay in Congo, the Congo basin is said to be containing quarter of the wolrds rainforests. Odzala national park has got the highest number of prates and chimpanzees in central Africa it’s also renowned for large herds of forest elephants.

Odzala national park is gifted with diverse biodiversity apart from rainforests there are swamps, steep escarpment, grasslands, minerals, sedges, Savannah’s, rivers  and salts are many more

Activities at Odzala national park

Gorrilla trekking

The main tourist’s activity at the Odzala national park is gorilla trekking, this adventure is very rewarding from the moment you start your trekking you will come across this unique creatures who share about 97% DNA with humans. There’s a bonus to gorilla trekking in Odzala national park other primates can also be seen such as; crowned monkey, mustached monkey, chimpanzees, Allen’s swamp monkey, guereza colobus putty nosed monkey, agile Mangebay, red tailed monkey, de Brazza monkey and western low land gorillas can also be seen in some areas, the minimum age for gorilla tracking is 15 years of age.

Wildlife viewing

Odzala national park is said to be habituating thousands of elusive forest elephants that can be seen at mineral licks, the parks Vegetation​favors many other animals apart from gorillas tourists can go for a game drive and expect to see red River hog, duikers, hippos at the Lekoli river, water chevrotain, forest buffalos, bushbucks, Sitatunga, bongo, the best place to do wildlife viewing is at the raised tops, rivers banks and mineral and salt licks as the vegetation can be thick. Spotted hyena and golden cat are rarely seen in the morning or at night.

Bird watching

Odzala national park is one of the places for bird enthusiasts, the park has got over 400 speciesof birds some are residential while others are endemic some of the examples of birds here are; African grey parrots, black guinea fowl and forest swallow to mention few

Nature guided walks

Nature forest guided walks can be taken to the Lango Bai night nature walks can also be offered at Ngaga camp. The camps really offer a thrilling experience of nature.

Cultural experience

Tourists can visit the nearby village of Ombo and visit the people and interact with them about different unique cultural values of Africa

Boat cruises

Boat cruises can be done at the Lekoli River with great rewards of seeing a number of primates and aquatic birds and the entire striking flora and fauna.

Best time to visit

The best time for visiting Odzala national park is during the dry season it makes it easy to see the animals as the vegetation is not thick however, the park experiences two dry seasons in two different parts in the south dry season is from April to October while in the northern part it’s dry from December to February.

Where to stay

There are varieties of places of where to stay even outside the park, some of the parks lodges you can spend your wilderness adventure in comfort are; Mboko camp, Lango and Ngaga camp.

How to get there

Odzala national park can be accessed by air or by road but the most convenient is by air from Maya airport in Brazzaville to Mboko airstrip at the park. This flight takes about 2 and half hours, Ngaga camp is three hours drives from the airstrip and Lango is about 5 hours drive from the airstrip.

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