Nouabale Ndoki National Park

Nouabale Ndoki National Park is situated in the northern part of the republic of Congo on 4000 square kilometers land.The Park is one of the largest national parks and also found in a remote part of the country hence undeveloped.

Nouabale Ndoki national park is sometimes known as Sangha Tri national reserve or part of it and it was declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 2012, the park is known to be having the highest concertation of animals per square mile than any other area in Africa. The park is said to be containing 2% of the Congo forest endowed with very rich biodiversity.

Nouabale Ndoki national park was established in 1993, it’s an idea place for Botanists as it’s still in it’s virgin state without exploitation of it’s wilderness, the parks flora and fauna support thousands of wildlife, over 1000 plant species, primary forests, over 300 species of birds, various mammalian species, swamps and many more

The study of Nouabale Ndoki national park shows that no human settlements ever took palace in this park hence it’s wilderness state makes​ it one of the incredible places on Earth you should visit before you die. The park is gifted with 24 types of Vegetation discovered in the past recent years

Activities at Nouabale Ndoki national park

Wildlife viewing

Nouabale national park supports a variety of wildlife some of which are; forest elephants, chimpanzees, bush pigs, Panthers, western low land gorillas, buffalos, black front backed duikers, crocodiles, turtles, bongos, blue duikers, and Horner’s antelopes among others

Gorilla trekking

Tourists can go for gorilla trekking mostly at Mbeli bay, this comes with a reward of seeing other primates and numerous birds. Mbeli has got some raised platforms where you can silently enjoy viewing of gorillas, tourists an also view other primates common in this area such as; mustached monkey, black and white colobus monkey, grey cheeked Mangebay and crowned Guenon among the rest.

Cultural experience

One of the people that support the protection of the park are the ancient pygmy people who are among the typically forest people on Earth tourists can visit the people and know about their ways of life and how they managed to survive in the forests since long ago.

Bird watching

Nouabale Ndoki national park boasts with over 300 species of birds most of which are residents to this area some of the birds you can find here are; African grey parrot, owls, scavenging vultures, eagles, wading herons to mention a few.

Boat riding

Tourists can a take an adventurous boat ride through the swamps with a local pirogue boat this leads you to the Bai where you can take a guided nature walk and encounter wildlife on foot the whole adventure is simply breathtaking.

When to visit

The best time to visit the park is in the dry seasons for easy views and access of the wildlife however, the park can be visited all year round.

Where to stay​

There are a number of places where to stay from at the park like, Mondika camp, Ndoki camp and Mbeli camp.

How to get there

Tourists can use road transport or air transport to reach the parks nearest airstrip with chattered domestic flights.

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